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Browse New Arrivals, an exciting collection of new products that just arrived to the store, available in a variety of different options.  
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For Dogs

Fresh Frozen Diamonds

Frozen Sugar Crumble


Hemp Flower

Live Resin Wax

Live Rosin


Soft Gel Capsule

Vape Pens

Customer Reviews

Takes the pain away quick. Just wished it had a better taste and smell.😂. Was very surprised this natural remedy works. For when your State only allows CBD, this product works quickly.
First off, the flavor is excellent-very tart lemon wakes up the mouth! There is a surge in energy without a noticeable crash. I take one before golf, or workout, and feel very aware of my surroundings. Also, there is no feeling "buzzed or loopy,"so no worries of not having full control of my body. When playing golf, I do need to take another at the turn. Just what I was looking for.
Great product for price I always like how easy it is to order and if you don't like something you can return it if unopened

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