January 30, 2018

Make Your Own CBD Oils, Edibles, and Creams With Diamond CBD Dabs

Would you like make your own CBD-infused products? Diamond CBD Crystal Dabs can be used to create your own oils, edibles, and creams cost-effectively.

Although “dabs” refers to a process of smoking or vaporizing purified CBD, it can also be used in a variety of other ways. And because our crystal isolate doesn’t have to go through any production process once it’s purified, it saves on manufacturing and packaging costs

Make your own CBD oil

Diamond CBD Dabs can be added to any vegetable oil (coconut oil, olive oil, etc.) to make your own CBD oil. Simply heat the oil in a small saucepan over low heat and stir in the CBD crystals until they are fully dissolved, and, presto, you’ve got CBD oil. Just make sure you do some math and figure out how much CBD is going into how much oil so you can determine a dosage. For instance, if you’re putting 1,000 mg of CBD into one ounce of oil, then you’ll have four doses of 250 mg each, or 40 doses of 25 mg each, etc. You can take the oil orally or add it to other edibles.

Make your own CBD butter

This is the same process as above, except that you wouldn’t generally use it orally. You would add it to other foods. You can even spread your homemade CBD butter on your morning toast.

Make your own CBD edibles

If you’re into baking or candy making, CBD Crystal Dabs are a great way to infuse your treats with CBD. Merely add the CBD to your favorite recipe. Make sure that you powder it and mix it in super well so that it’s evenly distributed throughout your dish. Again, if you’re adding 1,000 mg of CBD and making a batch of 20 brownies, then each brownie would have 50 mg of CBD.

Make your own CBD vape oil

Some people choose to mix their own vape oils so they can use the oil base, flavors, and active ingredients that they prefer. As with the make-your-own-veggie-oil process, you’ll need to heat up the vape oil to dissolve the CBD crystals, but it doesn’t take much heat. Keep it low.

Make your own CBD honey

Mmmm. Honey. The same thing goes for making CBD honey as with making CBD oil. Low heat; measure your base; know your dosage. Put some honey (raw and local, if possible) in a pan on low heat - you don’t want to boil it - and stir in the CBD crystals until they melt. Use the same math to figure out your dosage.

Make your own CBD skin cream

Skin cream can be a little more tricky. We don’t recommend that you buy a skin cream and add CBD. There’s no telling what would happen to the cream if you heat it up. It might have ingredients that aren’t amenable to heat. A better idea would be to do some research on how to make your own skin cream using ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E, cocoa butter, and so on. Making your own skin cream is for the more advanced do-it-yourselfers.

Or not…

Making your own CBD products does take a small investment in time, and takes some care to do properly. If you’re super busy, concerned about precision, or just don’t enjoy cooking, you’re probably better off sticking with our premade oils, edibles, vape oils, and creams.

Have you made your own oils or edibles? Drop us a line and tell us how you did. We’d love to hear about your experience.