Does Delta 8 Make You Hungry? Everything You Need To Know
Does Delta 8 Make You Hungry? Everything You Need To Know

Delta 8 THC is a novel cannabinoid cultivated from all-natural hemp that has taken the world by storm because of its myriad benefits. Aside from the fact that delta 8 is the latest cannabinoid to come to market and challenge the dominance of CBD, users love it because it offers them one of the few legal highs available anywhere. Like its close cousin, delta 9 THC, delta 8 is a psychotropic compound that gives you the ability to see into parallel dimensions. In other words, it’s a whole lot of fun.

But the high isn’t the only reason that people love delta 8. In fact, this unique cannabinoid has several other benefits that make it one of the most talked-about cannabinoid products in years. From helping with rest and relaxation to much more, delta 8 THC is a wondrous new compound that we at Diamond CBD can’t seem to keep on our shelves. Whether it’s our delta 8 vapes, delta 8 edibles, delta 8 oil, or our long list of other delta 8 products, users like you absolutely love it.

One question we do receive a lot is about delta 8 is, does delta 8 make you hungry? So we decided to explore this topic a bit further so you can learn more. We already know that THC gives people “the munchies,” but does its cousin, delta 8, also work as an appetite stimulant? And if so, what are the broader implications for the compound? 

There are differing opinions on this question all over the internet, with some users claiming that delta 8 is comparable to THC in terms of making people hungry and others saying they’re not so sure. After all, the two cannabinoids are pretty similar, though not precisely the same, so it stands to reason that your body would have many of the same responses when taking either one.

So, if you find yourself wondering, "does delta 8 make you hungry?", let's dive into the question a little bit more and see for ourselves whether or not delta 8 THC can make you hungry. Grab a bag of chips (or a big ol' sandwich), sit back, and read ahead to find out.

So, Does Delta 8 Make You Hungry?

Absolutely! In short, delta 8 THC is an excellent appetite stimulant just like its close relative, delta 9 THC. Several studies have found that delta 8 products can give users "the munchies," or, in other words, delta 8 can make people hungry. The effect delta 8 has on your body will, of course, depend on the amount of delta 8 you consume; but, how exactly does delta 8 make you hungry?

What Causes Delta 8 To Make You Hungry?

If you’re looking to stimulate your appetite for any reason, or you're just looking for a fun night with friends that includes reading the fridge, then delta 8 might be the cannabinoid for you. As preliminary research shows us, delta 8 THC might work as an appetite stimulant, much like its sister compound THC. Combined with its myriad other benefits, this makes delta 8 one of the premier hemp-based compounds on the market today.

Many studies have found delta 8 to be successful in stimulating the appetite and producing what is known in the cannabis world as "the munchies." How does delta 8 make you hungry?

Researchers found that much like THC, delta 8 will stimulate appetite, although most studies so far have been done with mice. In fact, “In 2004, researchers analyzed Delta 8-THC and its effect on appetite control. Researchers gave delta 8 THC to mice who had recently completed a weight loss regimen. Researchers found that delta 8 THC caused increased food consumption and improved cognitive function without the effects typically linked to cannabis.”

And at Diamond CBD, you can find a delta 8 product to meet your needs. Whether you prefer vaping or edibles or something else, we have it here. Moreover, our innovative team of researchers continues to work up new ways to infuse delta 8 into products so that you can incorporate it into your daily routine. 

But as we said, you might want to hurry up. Local politicians may decide to change their minds about delta 8 at any minute. So grab yours while you still can.

What Is Delta 8?

What Is Delta 8?

We’ve written a lot about delta 8 over the past few years — and why not? In just a little under a year, our lineup of delta 8 THC products has quickly become the most popular among everything we sell here at Diamond CBD. When we first introduced our Chill Plus Delta Force Squares, which contain both delta 8 and CBD, users went absolutely crazy for the sweet-tasting gummies with a subtle high. Now that we’ve expanded our offerings, you keep grabbing them up.

We've brought a bunch of new delta 8 products to the Diamond CBD family. We have bite-sized delta 8 edibles, sweet-smelling delta 8 vapes, and other potent products that put you in control of your delta 8 THC experience. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before, and we’re excited to learn what you think of it all.

The reason everyone loves delta 8 so much is because of the smooth and subtle high that’s completely legal. See, ever since Congress passed the Farm Bill a couple of years ago, hemp and all of its byproducts were made 100 percent legal. The folks in Washington finally saw the light and did the right thing, making hemp and CBD legal for consumers to purchase anywhere and everywhere. 

But they also legalized delta 8.

Delta 8, a minor cannabinoid found in hemp, can now be sold legally according to federal law when cultivated from hemp. It’s a minor miracle that this has been allowed to happen, but here we are. We believe this is a first in human history, a government allowing the people to relax and have some fun. But the thing is, the fun might not last. Because as we speak, the government is looking for ways to backtrack and ban delta 8.

So grab some delta 8 today, before the government changes its mind.

What Else Does Delta 8 Do To Your Mood?

We all know about the high that comes from delta 8, but what are these fantastic compounds' other benefits? Can it do all of the things that THC can do? What about CBD? Do people even take delta 8 for reasons other than the psychotropic high (the answer to that is an astounding “yes”)?

Delta 8 THC occurs naturally in nature when delta 9 THC ages and is exposed to oxidation. Typically, there’s not enough to make it a viable compound for human consumption — the hemp plant produces only a small amount. However, here at Diamond CBD and worldwide, innovative researchers have found ways to ramp up production. We’ve not only made delta 8 THC viable, but we’ve also made it more fun and exciting.

And yes, it’s beneficial too. Along with a high, that’s much more subtle than that of THC, delta 8 has several other benefits. According to early research and anecdotal experiences from our users and those found on the web, delta 8 can help with:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Appetite
  • And more

You’ll notice that we mentioned appetite in this list because, as we found, delta 8 THC can help to stimulate your appetite. It’s what you would typically call “having the munchies.”

4 Reasons To Add Delta 8 To Your Life

4 Reasons To Add Delta 8 To Your Life

Delta 8 is taking the world by storm and has quickly become one of our most popular products, selling out faster than even some of our classic brands of CBD oil. Although delta 8 may be considered a minor cannabinoid, it’s had a significant effect on the consumer market for many reasons. Everyone can’t stop raving about our delicious flavors of delta 8 gummies, carts, and vapes. 

But let’s be honest, what makes delta 8 one of the most unique cannabinoids to hit the market in years is the high.

Yes, delta 8 offers users like yourself an all-natural, hemp-derived high that’s 100 percent legal. It’s a hassle-free experience that leaves you floating on the clouds, and truth be told, who doesn’t love that? Sure, plenty of states have begun to legalize cannabis over the past few years, and CBD is one heck of a fantastic compound, but when it comes to delta 8, the experience cannot be matched.

We first introduced delta 8 slowly a little less than a year ago, thinking that some of you might show some interest. What we discovered was beyond our wildest dreams. Delta 8 is a compound for which many of you have been clamoring. It’s something that goes beyond simple consumer demand. The truth is, this new and novel cannabinoid has started a revolution. For far too long, consumers like yourself have relied on the idea that the government can control what you do in your free time.

With delta 8, you can take back control. Delta 8 allows you to be yourself, to do what you want, when you want it. It’s pure freedom, made from all-natural hemp.

Of course, we can’t say how long that freedom will last. Even today, the government is looking for ways to ban delta 8, even though they legalized it themselves just a few years ago (see the Farm Bill of 2018). But what we can tell you is that there are many ways to enjoy that freedom right now. So, now is the time to stock up on delta 8 before the government comes in and bans it.

Here are four reasons to add delta 8 to your life.

Combining CBD and Delta 8 Makes for a Smooth and Subtle Buzz

One of the reasons you need more delta 8 in your life is because you can combine it with CBD for a smooth and subtle buzz. Diamond CBD’s innovative new offering in the hemp-derived edibles market includes a combination of two, the latter of which offers users a novel, completely legal psychotropic high. This combination is now available in some of your favorite products, which you can explore by looking up our delta 8 CBD products.

Diamond has, for years, provided consumers with some of the best hemp-derived products on the market, and now, with the mix of CBD and delta 8, it’s become one of our top-selling products. Delta 8 is changing how everyone interacts with hemp. When you combine CBD with delta 8, your buzz takes on a whole new meaning, allowing you to function properly while still experiencing something magical. 

Our strong delta 8 CBD gummies give you a subtle “buzz” thanks to an infusion of our all-natural organic CBD isolate, a compound that creates synergy with your favorite new cannabinoid. So try CBD mixed with delta 8 today. It will change your life!

Vaping Delta 8 Is a Unique Experience

One of the best ways to enjoy delta 8 is through vaping. You may already know about our family of products, but recently we brought back some of our much-loved vapes due to high customer demand. We’ve added delta 8 to these products, creating a unique experience unlike anything else on the market today. These delta 8 disposable vapes and delta 8 carts are the ideal way to enhance your mood. 

Customers love our delta 8 vapes because they send users like you into the stratosphere thanks to the fantastic (but subtle) buzz. As you may know, vapes are a well-sought after commodity in the hemp industry. For years, Diamond CBD's vapes were a best-seller among a core group of customers at a time when the industry was in its infancy. Now, vaping is back, thanks to the growth and popularity of delta 8.

So add some delta 8 vapes to your daily routine. Again, it will change your life!

Delta 8 Is About More Than Just the Buzz

Sure, everyone is buzzed about the buzz from delta 8. After all, an all-natural hemp-based product that delivers a unique, completely legal high is nothing to scoff at. But consumers love delta 8 for more than just the buzz. In fact, delta 8 has many benefits that we’re just beginning to learn about.

Although the research on delta 8 is in its infancy, we know that many people love to use delta 8 in the evenings as a way to relax or chill out from a stressful day on the job. Delta 8 is a great compound to use with friends as well. It’s excellent in social situations. Some like to say that delta 8 is a fantastic icebreaker. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Why do you use delta 8? Is it for the buzz, or is it something more?

Delta 8 Is Versatile

Delta 8 Is Versatile

Besides the buzz and the benefits, delta 8 is one of the most versatile cannabinoids to hit the mainstream in a few years. In only the past few months alone, we’ve introduced a variety of delta 8 products, including delta 8 edibles, delta 8 vaping products, delta 8 distillates, and more. 

The truth is, delta 8 is as versatile, if not more so, than CBD. And, as mentioned before, when the two are combined, they become an unstoppable force. It’s all due to the power of all-natural, organic, non-GMO hemp. Used as part of your daily routine, it can truly enhance your lifestyle.

So, Why Use Delta 8?

Users continue to flock to delta 8 as they enjoy the freedom of a cannabinoid that offers one of the few legal highs in the country that, at the same time, gives them the ability to maintain full control of their senses. It offers you the sensation of floating on the clouds while keeping your feet firmly placed here on earth.