February 6, 2018

CBD 101: CBD Crystal Isolate

Welcome to CBD 101. Today’s lesson - CBD Crystal Isolate. (Think Blue CBD Crystals Isolate or Raw CBD)

(And before anyone asks, yes, this will be on the final exam. So, listen up!)

Now, we all know that cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is a natural hemp constituent that has no psychotropic effects. We use CBD because of a myriad of reasons.

Now, even though we know what CBD is, do we really understand what CBD is? Let’s take a look.

In Its Purest Form

That’s mainly your answer. CBD Crystal Isolate is CBD in its purest, simplest form - a fine white powder with a crystalline appearance containing nothing but the chemical compound CBD.

If you’ve tried pure CBD Crystal Isolate, you know it has some kick. But even more importantly, you know it offers some real versatility; it can be used in a whole host of different ways.

Most importantly, it gives you total control over your dosage.

Ok, are you taking notes? Good, because it’s time for a science lesson.

An Isolated Extraction

In most cases, an extract will contain trace elements of other parts of the plant. In the case of CBD, this can include other cannabinoids as well as the terpenes that give hemp plants their unique smell.

After the essential oils are extracted from hemp, a distillation process is used to purify the CBD which forms a natural crystalline structure that looks like salt (hence, Crystal Isolate - now you’re following!).

Ok, pop quiz time…

How Can You Use Crystal Isolate?

CBD Crystal Isolate can be used in so many different ways. It can be cooked into your favorite meals, as it dissolves really well into fatty foods. You can also use it for dabbing and vaping.

Though not common, there other creative options when it comes to Crystal Isolate. Some people suggest dissolving it into oil, like olive oil, to create a tincture. And still, one of the most unique ideas to come our way; some people put it into their homemade skin creams.

How About Some Extra Credit?

Can you name some of our products here at Diamond CBD that use pure CBD Crystal Isolate?

We know you know the answer to this.

Well, our Blue CBD Crystals Isolate is an all-natural high-end product infused with premium CBD hemp oil. And of course, our raw CBD is nothing but 99 percent pure CBD oil isolate powder.

Is everyone clear on that now? Excellent.

So, who didn’t do their homework?

Tell us how you use CBD Crystal Isolate. Hit us up and let us know what are your favorite Diamond CBD Isolate products.