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Surprisingly good chocolate for milk chocolate. Very good. This review box is still terrible though.
I love these! One square keeps me happy for several hours. Very tasty, no after taste or bad mouth feel like you can get with some. A++
Actually tastes really good and is strong!! I start smaller than I would think and work my up.

Common Questions

Delta 9 Chocolate - THC For Your Sweet Tooth

Imagine combining the two most extraordinary things on Earth — delta 9 THC and chocolate! Well, we've done it, and now, you can enjoy delta 9 chocolate in the comfort of your own home. All-natural, hemp-derived delta 9 chocolate bars are exactly what you need to feel cool, calm, relaxed, and a little buzzed.

Delta 8, HHC, THCP — they get you high. But delta 9 chocolate is the real deal. It's the classic cannabinoid that everyone loves. It's the ideal combination of a mood-lifting chocolate bar with a psychotropic cannabinoid that keeps you feeling high and balanced. Throw in some wellness effects, and everything is simply excellent. Of course, before diving into a delta 9 chocolate, there are some things everyone needs to learn — for example, don't eat the entire something in one sitting. Delta 9 edibles can take up to an hour to start working.

But all-natural hemp-derived delta 9 chocolate (the key word here being hemp) is now legal to consume in the United States. In fact, any THC edibles containing less than 0.3% delta 9 fall under the purview of the Farm Bill and are fair game. You don't need a prescription or card or doctor's permission. But you do need to know what you're getting into.

So let's learn about delta 9 chocolate.

What Is Delta 9?

Before we dive into delta 9 chocolate, let's take a quick look at delta 9 itself. What is delta 9, and why is everyone so crazy about this buzz-inducing cannabinoid? We can think of at least 420 reasons why everyone loves delta 9, but we'll try to keep it short.

Delta 9 THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid molecule found in cannabis plants. It is responsible for causing psychotropic, mind-altering effects on its users — in other words, delta 9 is why cannabis has been one of the most popular plants of the 20th century. It gets you high. Better still, it's relatively easy to use.

In just under 30 minutes, depending on your route of administration, THC begins to work, crossing the blood-brain barrier and stimulating the release of dopamine in your brain. Users feel euphoric, happy, relaxed, calm, and more. It's a peaceful, easy feeling.

But delta 9 is known for more than just its high. It has several benefits that keep users coming back. Delta 9 THC can help with the following:

  • Restlessness, sleep, insomnia
  • Poor appetite, especially in those with illnesses
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Different types of pain

On the converse side, delta 9 products also have some side effects. These adverse effects on the body usually occur after consuming large quantities of the drug. They may also happen to people who use delta 9 THC over a long, extended period (months, years). Some of these side effects may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea (including hyperemesis)
  • Paranoia
  • yeah, forgetfulness.

The side effects listed above don't occur in all users. However, it is still best to start with low doses, especially if you have never tried delta 9 before. Jumping in with a hefty amount could shock your system. It's important to remember that dosing depends on the individual — a person's weight, age, tolerance, health, eating habits, and more can all affect how THC works. That said, small doses of 5mg are recommended for beginners, especially those with a low tolerance. Those with more experience may want to try 15 mg daily. Veteran users with a high tolerance may have an easier time with more significant doses. They may wish to take anywhere from 15mg up to 30mg.

Anything more is up to the individual user (though not recommended).

Figuring out the correct dose for yourself will take some time. You may have to experiment a little, both with different types of products and quantities. Rest assured, you will find your sweet spot eventually.

What Are the Benefits of Delta 9 Chocolate?

Having a basic understanding of delta 9 and its benefits, it is time to look at delta 9 chocolate. In particular, how does delta 9 chocolate work? Do delta 9 chocolate bars work? The most important question is whether chocolate has any wellness benefits (we all hope this is a resounding yes). Generally, this is a mixed bag; individual results will vary.

Why? Delta 9 chocolate's benefits, as with anything else, depending on individual factors, and your mileage may vary.

Delta 9 does have benefits, as we already noted. The compound is well known for its classic high but is also a world-renowned wellness compound. This high is much stronger than the one offered by delta 8 and is, truth be told, preferred by many users. It's a buzz that keeps you smiling.

In addition to delta 9, does delta 9 chocolate have other health benefits? Research shows that delta-9 chocolate may do many things, including help with sleep issues, help with restlessness, help with appetite stimulation, help with stress relief, help with anxiety, and even help with pain. But does this mean you should eat delta 9 chocolate bars every day?

Because delta 9 is also known to have many wellness benefits, does infusing it into chocolate increase those benefits, or is the combination nothing more than a sweet, delicious treat?

To understand that, we need to understand chocolate itself. It's a sugary sweet delight that dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations in America — many of whom believed it had wellness properties.

Today, researchers believe many of those ancient peoples were correct. According to some modern studies, chocolate is a beneficial snack that can help the human body. For example, chocolate:

  • May contain a high amount of antioxidants.
  • May reduce cholesterol levels
  • May enhance memory function (help with forgetfulness)
  • May help your heart.
  • And many more things!

Combine those benefits with delta 9, and you have one fantastic product. But... well, there is always a but. Chocolate is a high-caloric, fatty, sugary snack. Despite the benefits of chocolate, it cannot be taken in large quantities. Sure, it tastes great, but overeating is not suitable for you, and the negatives outweigh any benefits. Obesity and heart disease have become a concern.

Delta-9 chocolate is the perfect treat and has many, many benefits. It can help you in several ways when used correctly. The best way to use delta 9 chocolate is in moderation.

Delta 8 Chocolate vs. Delta 9 Chocolate 

With the popularity of delta 8 on the rise, people want to know the differences between delta 8 and delta 9 chocolates. How do these two powerhouse cannabinoids compare? Simply put, delta 8 is an all-natural, hemp-derived compound with a mild psychotropic high. The buzz from delta 8 is about half as strong as from delta 9. Both products offer euphoria, but delta 9 is much more potent.

When looking at delta 8 vs. delta 9 chocolates, here are a few more things to consider:

  • Both cannabinoids help with sleep; delta 9 chocolate will be a bit stronger
  • Both help with pain; delta 9 chocolate will give a bit more relief
  • Both stimulate appetite; delta 9 will do so more actively
  • Both delta 8 and delta 9 chocolate will test positive on a test
  • Delta 9 chocolate may cause more anxiety when taken in larger doses
  • Delta 8 chocolate may need larger doses for a euphoric buzz

On the whole, the two cannabinoids compare nicely. However, delta 9 chocolate is infused with classic THC, and nothing beats the classics.

How To Dose Delta 9 Chocolate

How much delta 9 chocolate should you take? Whether you're eating milk or dark chocolate infused with delta 9, you want to get the dosing right. Most importantly, you don't want to go overboard. When you take the correct amount, your day will be great. Take too much, and you could have a bad trip.

When eating infused chocolate, we tend to focus on the chocolate, not the delta 9. Sometimes we can overdo it. We must remember that edibles get you buzzed slowly and for a long time. Some people think they're not getting anything when eating delta 9 chocolate bars. After a few hours, you may still not feel high and think it's not working or that you bought a dud. So you take more.

This is a mistake. Never take more. You just need to wait for the buzz. It will come.

But how much should you eat? Delta 9 chocolate is broken down into squares. We usually have 28 squares for each 150mg bar. Start with one or two, which is about 5 to 10mg. If you feel you need more, wait an hour or so, then take another square. Never eat the whole bar.

How Do Delta 9 Chocolates Work?

So we know how to dose a delta 9 chocolate, but why? Why do we only eat one or two squares? Why does it take so long for the buzz to come up? In a society that expects everything to happen quickly, why should you take something that works so slowly?

Here is a short explanation of how delta 9 chocolates work. Unlike a vape cart or disposable pen, which gets you high almost immediately, an edible like chocolate takes at least an hour. It has to do with your metabolism — or, rather, the metabolic process.

Everything we eat goes through the metabolic process, from french fries to chips to apples. Food goes through our stomach and makes its way to our liver. It's the same with delta 9 THC. Do you want to get high with delta 9 chocolate bars? Well, the chocolate needs to travel quite far. But trust us when we say the buzz is worth the wait.

Follow along the path and see how delta 9 chocolate goes from your mouth to your brain:

  • You eat some delta 9 chocolate.
  • It ends up in your stomach.
  • In your stomach, it is broken down by acids and enzymes (this is where the fun begins!).
  • You begin to digest the chocolate.
  • Next stop, your liver!
  • Now, your liver goes to work. 11-hydroxy-THC is converted into delta 8.
  • That delta 8 reaches the blood-brain barrier.
  • Then it crosses over.
  • Then you get the warm fuzzies.

When vaping delta 9 or smoking it, it goes straight from your lungs to your brain, with no stops. But the high is short-lived. With delta 9 chocolate, it may take some time to feel the buzz, but the high will last.

How Diamond CBD Manufactures Its Chocolate

Would you like to know how we make our delta 9 chocolate? How does our process differ from the competition? Diamond CBD ensures that all of our products meet the highest standards through a rigorous system of quality checkpoints. As we like to say, we know about products like delta 9 chocolate because we use products like delta 9 chocolate bars.

Transparency is our guarantee. Whether it's Delta 8, Delta 10, THCP, HHC, CBD, or other products, we stake our reputation on manufacturing the best. How do we do it? Our delta 9 chocolate is made with the following:

  • All-natural, hemp-derived delta 9 THC,
  • Non-GMO, organic hemp cultivated right here in the United States.
  • The latest extraction methods.
  • Farm Bill-compliant processes.
  • Pure, unadulterated products that don't compromise on quality. 
  • No pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizers, and no chemicals like Vitamin E Acetate.

Our delta 9 chocolates are the best in the business. You can review them online at any time. Moreover, you'll always find authentication certificates on all our products, supplied by third-party labs.