Delta 8 Ohio Facts & Is Delta 8 Legal In Ohio?
Delta 8 Ohio Facts & Is Delta 8 Legal In Ohio?

We all know Ohio for its lousy baseball team, the fantastic talent of Lebron James, and its bellwether status during presidential elections. But Ohio is also a hotbed of cannabis activity these days. People throughout the state are consuming cannabis at a fantastic rate. The demand for hemp-derived products has grown to unimaginable and unprecedented heights since the federal government legalized industrial hemp in 2018. Yet the legal marijuana market has been turned on its head by the popularity of cannabinoids like delta 8. It begs the question, is delta 8 legal in Ohio? 

CBD is probably the most popular hemp extract, but delta 8 has gained in popularity rapidly and exponentially over the past several years. As a hemp-derived compound, delta 8 is federally legal. But what about the so-called delta 8 Ohio issue?? There is a lot to understand regarding delta 8, especially if you live in the home of the Cleveland Guardians. So, let's take a look and see how delta 8 is legal in King James' home state, where to buy the best delta 8 products, and how the delta 8 market affects medicinal marijuana.

Is Delta 8 Legal in Ohio?

To understand whether or not delta 8 is legal in Ohio, we must first look at the legislation that legalized hemp. Every new cannabinoid that comes on the scene, from delta 8 to THCP, owes its existence to the legalization of hemp (and, in an odd turn of events, to Sen. Mitch McConnell). Like CBD before, Delta 8's legal status in Ohio is based on federal legislation known as the Farm Bill. In 2018, Congress passed that year's Farm Bill into law.

The bill contained two critical details about hemp products.

First, the law legally separated hemp and marijuana plants. What does this mean exactly? Technically, both plants are forms of cannabis that have no significant scientific differences. A hemp plant is defined as one that contains 0.3% THC or less on a dry-weight basis, while a marijuana plant contains 0.3% THC or more. However, they are now considered two separate plants by the United States Congress. So yes, thank a Congressperson!

Second, the Farm Bill then went and legalized hemp. Sure, marijuana is still illegal. Therefore, cannabis products made of hemp containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under federal law. CBD, delta 10, HHC, delta 8 — anything you can think of is now legal! And we're pretty sure most of Congress had no idea that anyone could extract all these fun new cannabinoids from hemp, but it's a big win for everyone! 

Now, what does that mean for individual states? Well, small-time politicoes looking to make a name for themselves on the national stage have found a way to do so. They get the masses riled up about new drugs being put in Halloween candy and whatnot. And yes, state laws restricting hemp-derived compounds such as delta 8 are within their rights (the Constitution separates state and federal law; look it up). And believe it or not, not every state agrees with the national consensus (we're looking at you, New York).

But what about Ohio? Can Delta 8 be sold in the home state of King James? The man brought Cleveland a title, after all!

After the Farm Bill, Ohio did legalize Delta 8 THC, thus resolving the delta 8 Ohio issue. We repeat: Delta 8 THC is legal in Ohio. Thanks to Ohio Senate Bill 57, signed in 2019 by Gov. Mike DeWine, hemp and hemp-derived compounds are good to go in the state. Among the legalized cannabinoids were Delta 8, CBD, CBN, and others. 

Today, vape shops all over Ohio sell delta 8 (though your best bet is to purchase it still online — more on that in a bit).

But as we noted, delta 8 is found in cannabis and hemp. In 2021 Ohio added some restrictions regarding delta 8 in 2021 to its popular medical cannabis program. According to guidance from the Ohio Department of Commerce, medical marijuana processors must test for delta 8 levels in medical marijuana products. 

Furthermore, all product labels must state the amount of delta-8 THC. On top of that, anyone who sells medical marijuana must explain to regulators why they are including delta 8 in their products. Currently, this rule applies only to medical marijuana products and delta 8 products derived from hemp. 

Shipping Delta 8 Products to and From Ohio

Are you looking to ship delta 8 to Ohio? Want to send Lebron some D8 as a thank-you for finally bringing home the title? It is legal for manufacturers and retailers to ship all kinds of delta 8 products to The Buckeye State. Why? Well, because delta 8 is legal in Ohio. 

According to some sources, the local delta 8 scene may leave something to be desired. But you can ship it to King James or the Cleveland Guardians stadium. And the simplest, most convenient, and safest way to get your delta 8 is from reputable online retailers. In fact, most people recommend purchasing delta 8 online if you're heading over to Ohio. Getting your delta 8 shipped straight to your door gives you more variety, more comfort, and less hassle. Online retailers will usually have a more extensive product selection too.

There are a few reasons why online delta 8 stores are better than in-person stores. These reasons include the following:

  • Online stores usually have a more comprehensive selection of products. 
  • Local vape or smoke shops likely have only a few products available.
  • Shopping from home is more convenient.
  • Online stores provide more transparency, especially with ingredient lists and third-party lab tests. 
  • Online vendors have better customer service, available when you need them.

Finding a high-quality, brick-and-mortar store that sells premium delta 8 products is difficult — but not impossible. And Ohio has a few shops that do make the grade, so to speak. We'll look at a few of the Buckeye State's best in a bit. 

Delta 8 in Ohio

Delta 8 in Ohio

Delta 8 is as popular as ever right now throughout the United States. And that means it is catching consumers' attention in Ohio too. Vape stores, smoke shops, and other retailers are seeing a jump in business thanks to the legalization of hemp-derived delta 8. And why not, now that they can sell it free and legally? 

If you're just passing through, don't worry, either. Because delta 8 is legal in Ohio, you can travel with it in your possession. The cops cannot pull you over for it (though make sure your tail lights are working!), and you won't be prosecuted for it. Better still, federal law says you can carry delta 8 across state lines. However, maintaining hemp products should always be done with caution. Some states have banned these products. In other cases, you might encounter some law enforcement persons unfamiliar with the law. You may not be prosecuted, but that won't stop you from spending the night in jail. 

As of now, Ohio does not plan to restrict or ban delta 8 derived from hemp. There are no proposed laws on the table.

So, where should you get your D8 if you are in Ohio? After all, not all Delta 8 is the same. While buying hemp-derived cannabinoids online remains the best and safest way to guarantee a mind-blowing experience, the Buckeye State has some premium products that anyone can find locally. 

But how can you find the right stores and the right products? Here's our guide:

Things to Consider When Buying Delta 8 in Ohio

Delta 8 isn't regulated by the Food and Drug Administration — or any agency for that matter. Most hemp-derived cannabinoids do not follow any guidelines, save that the Farm Bill requires these products to have less than 0.3% THC. That's why many of the best retailers (primarily online ones) have begun to regulate themselves.

To find a decent delta 8 retailer in Ohio, you need to know what could harm you and what can't. A watchful eye is beneficial in these situations. So, how do you choose a retailer—and product—that's right for you? 

Know Your Hemp

Do you know where your hemp is cultivated? Do you know your cannabinoids are extracted? Delta 8 products should only begin their life cycle with high-quality, premium industrial hemp. All legally derived delta 8 must come from hemp, but some unscrupulous retailers may slip marijuana-based products in their stores. It's great for business but bad for Johnny-law. And you don't want to deal with a retailer who lies.

But that's not all you need to consider when choosing a delta 8 product.

Hemp plants absorb both nutrients and toxins. The best retailers use organic, non-GMO hemp in the USA — places like Kentucky grow the best hemp. This will guarantee the delta 8 products you buy are free of impurities.

Learn where your products are made. If the growers use pesticides or chemicals, you need to find another source for delta 8.

Extraction Methods

Speaking of extraction, do you know how your retailer extracted your delta 8? Did you know delta 8 is only found in small quantities in the hemp plant? After harvesting industrial hemp, it is necessary to separate the delta 8 compound from the rest of the raw plant material. Many different extraction methods must be employed. But the gold standard — the one only the best manufacturers use is CO2 extraction. 

In addition to being among the most expensive, demonstrating a manufacturer's commitment to safety at all costs, it also uses no chemicals or solvents, making it one of the cleanest extraction methods.

The process of CO2 extraction uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract delta 8 and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Once the pressure is released, CO2 returns to its gaseous state, leaving only the desired compounds behind. However, extraction isn't the end when it comes to delta 8. Because it's found in such small quantities, most companies need to convert CBD or CBG into delta 8 in the lab. Is your retailer being honest about this?

Well, are they?

Beware of Bleach

To make distillate products appear cleaner and more transparent, some manufacturers bleach them. Why? Natural hemp distillate will never be completely transparent. It is usually yellowish or pinkish. Consumers don't like off-color products. However, off-color, in this case, is acceptable.

So, if you see a product that looks like Crystal Clear Pepsi (in fact, if you see some Crystal Clear Pepsi), stay far away.

A general rule in life is that if it isn't your laundry or your hair, you should include bleach. As a result, bleaching delta 8 products can be dangerous since it adds unnecessary chemicals to your product.

Look for Lab Reports

The delta 8 market all comes down to transparency. If your delta 8 retailer isn't offering you a full ingredients list and accompanying lab reports, you're not buying a solid product. Delta 8 isn't regulated, making the industry feel like the Wild West these days. Many manufacturers are fly-by-night, meaning they don't have to test their products. They sell them quickly, make a buck, and then get out before anyone can question their motives. Usually, these products are not the best quality — and that's putting it mildly.

Finding a company that is transparent and committed to safety is one of the most important things a consumer can do.

The best delta 8 products undergo third-party lab testing. Certified labs and their technicians analyze the potency of delta 8 and look for contaminants, impurities, heavy metals, and more. The last thing you want to do is give King James a lousy bottle of delta 8 oil. 

Ohio Cannabis Market Grows with Delta 8 & Medical Marijuana

Ohio Cannabis Market Grows with Delta 8 & Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a fast-growing market, and its social mores are quickly changing. Just recently, President Jos Biden announced he would pardon anyone convicted of a possession felony. He also said he would push for re-scheduling marijuana from a Schedule I drug. That's BIG news.

Many states have recognized that cannabis has the potential as a wellness product. Thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for therapeutic purposes. But not anyone can get it. Medical marijuana is much more challenging to obtain than hemp-derived cannabinoids like delta 8. Most states make consumers jump through hoops to receive a medical marijuana card. On the other hand, the medical marijuana market is expanding rapidly across the nation.

The medical cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, paving the way for recreational cannabis in many places. But even states that have legalized cannabis impose heavy restrictions on it. It is no different in Ohio.

Ohio Medical Cannabis Laws

Ohio has had legal, medical marijuana for some time. The state first legalized cannabis for medical purposes in 2016 when Rep. Stephen Huffman sponsored House Bill 523. A short while later, the bill was signed into law by then-Gov. John Kasich. As of 2022, any person in Ohio can possess, sell, purchase, distribute, or produce medical cannabis. However, Ohio's medical cannabis law has several restrictions. The law itself did not go into effect until 2018. Today, the Buckeye state has almost 70 medical marijuana dispensaries up and running. 

So what does Ohio's medical cannabis law say? The law provides for the following:

Consumers must have a qualifying condition

  • Consumers must have a valid state medical cannabis card
  • Consumers can purchase a limited amount of cannabis per day; or 
  • Consumers can buy a limited amount of cannabis over 90 days
  • The law instituted a state-run system of growing facilities
  • State-run testing labs now exist
  • The state also runs its own physician certifications to determine medical conditions
  • The state also has its own dispensaries

Because many states have passed recreational legalization laws, many may be curious if those exist in Ohio too. The state has decriminalized possession of small marijuana, but recreational use is illegal. However, at this time, Ohio residents cannot purchase weed for recreational purposes. Consumers must have a prescription and a valid card to use cannabis legally.

What Are the Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis in Ohio?

Ohio doesn’t allow everyone to obtain medical cannabis. To receive a medical cannabis card, you must first be diagnosed with one of the following qualifying conditions by a state-approved doctor. Once diagnosed, you may then purchase medical cannabis in Ohio. The following conditions qualify for medical cannabis in the Buckeye state:

Qualifying Conditions: Ohio's Medical Cannabis Program

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Epilepsy (Seizures)

Parkinson’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



Sickle Cell Anemia

Cachexia, wasting syndrome




Hepatitis C

Spinal Cord Injury

Chronic Pain (Severe/Intractable)​

Huntington’s Disease

Tourette Syndrome

Crohn’s Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Multiple Sclerosis

Ulcerative Colitis

In addition, any person suffering from a terminal illness of any kind is eligible for medical marijuana.

Ohio Medical Cannabis vs. Delta 8

Getting medical marijuana is long, rigorous, and expensive, even though it is legal if you have a qualifying condition. Even if you want cannabinoids for medical purposes, delta 8 may be your best bet if you don't want to obtain a medical cannabis card. For now, delta 8 appears to be the only legal and convenient way to get high for fun in Ohio. 

Ohio has no recreational cannabis — this ain't California, you hippie! It's illegal to cultivate or possess recreational marijuana in Ohio, but there's no penalty for possession like in Idaho or Iowa. In Ohio, cannabis is decriminalized for use and possession of small amounts (up to 100 grams). It's only a misdemeanor, too, with a maximum fine of $150. Marijuana possession between 100-200 grams is also a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in prison and a $250 fine. 

Typically, growing weed isn't legal in Ohio. Only state-licensed growers can make medical cannabis. Caregivers can also grow, but only in tiny amounts. If you grow up to 100 grams of cannabis, you're charged with a misdemeanor with a maximum $150 fine. If you grow between 100 and 200 grams, you're fined $250 and go to prison for 30 days. 

As delta 8 and other hemp-derived cannabinoids deliver the same psychoactive effects as marijuana, they're hot in King James' land. This means that the delta 8 market in the state is pretty solid. Delta 8 products are still easy to get, even with medical marijuana, and they'll have many of the same benefits.

This list might be helpful if you're looking for places to buy delta 8 in Ohio.

Where to Find Delta 8 In Ohio

Where to Find Delta 8 in Ohio

For the best delta 8 products, always go to an online retailer. You’ll not only find the largest selection of products, but you’ll also find products that have been adequately tested. At online retailers, you can check on third-party lab test results, ingredient lists, and so much more. That said, Ohio has a few shops that are the cream of the crop. So if you find yourself driving through on your way to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, check them out!

Streetsboro, OH - Vapor House (4.5 Stars)

This vape shop in Streetsboro sells everything from e-juice to CBD to delta 8. They strive to provide the best premium e-juice liquid for all flavor profiles, whether you're looking for something sweet like candy, fruit, menthol, sour, or even flavors to match your favorite drink! And they have a constantly growing collection too!

Akron, OH - The Buckeye Smoke Shop (4.6 Stars)

In the heart of Akron, you’ll find the Buckeye, home to cannabinoids, glassware, and more! They aim to help customers transition to healthier lifestyles with only the best products. It’s a family-friendly establishment without the negative stigma you can find at other vape shops. And at 2000sq ft, it’s one of the largest in the state!

Cleveland, OH - The Releaf Center (4.2 Stars)

The Cleveland Releaf Center is about helping customers and making healthy choices. They are committed to learning about medical cannabis and increasing community awareness of the medicinal benefits of cannabis while also reducing the stigma associated with the plant. Next time you’re in Cleveland, look them up!

Are Other Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids Legal in Ohio?

In Ohio, delta-10-tetrahydrocannabinol, the energizing compound known as delta-10, is also legal. Why? Because it is derived from legal hemp. Federal and state law protects delta 10 just like it does delta 8. The same rules that apply to delta 8 apply to delta 10. SO consumers can use, possess, sell, distribute, manufacture, and more.

Because Ohio has legalized hemp, all other cannabinoids, such as hemp-derived delta 9, HHC THCP, CBDV, and others, are also legal. They are fair game in Ohio as long as they only have 0.3% THC!

Is Delta 8 Legal in Ohio? Final Thoughts

So in Ohio, home of the new Cleveland Guardians, King James, and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, delta 8 is legal. The so-called delta 8 Ohio issue is no longer a problem. Buy it, sell it, distribute it, manufacture it, and do what you will. You can even combine delta 8 with other cannabinoids —HHC, delta 10, and more! They are all legal! The Buckeye State seems to have no legal access to cannabis products besides hemp-based cannabinoids and medical marijuana under certain conditions. 

Hemp-derived cannabinoids are the only legal way to enjoy recreational cannabinoids in Ohio. Will that change in the future? Who knows.

Anyway, here's hoping King James returns! Delta 8 can be found in brick-and-mortar stores in Ohio, though it is best to purchase cannabinoids online. For a safe and positive experience, ensure the product is backed by third-party lab testing and sourced from organic hemp.