Delta 8 Dabs

Buy premium delta 8 dabs from Diamond, top-quality concentrates and sugar wax made for dabbing infused with hemp cannabinoids. On sale now!

Customer Reviews

November 10, 2021
Jen M.
I had to get some of this to try with my Lookah, and I'm glad I did. It's an amazing relaxation that is felt all over my body. It takes away anxiety within seconds of a good hit. On a side note, I can't use this strain to fall asleep. I use my grape ape vape for that! I am going to order the indica strain next. I can't wait, and I hope to see more variety in the future! This is my new favorite method. Thanks Diamond CBD for your great customer service and fast shipping, it's truly appreciated!
July 12, 2021
John G.
This is a definite purchase for anyone who struggles to sleep with anxiety, ptsd or night terrors. I no longer need narcotics to find enough peace to sleep.
June 6, 2021
Elizabeth F.
This can be used in so many ways. One I'd my favorites so far. I 100% recommend it.
April 19, 2021
Leon C.
Haven't tried them yet.

Common Questions

Delta 8 Dabs – For A Delightful Buzz

Delta 8 dabs are the most concentrated, intense, and convenient way to enjoy the delta 8 buzz. Even though the practice of dabbing has been around for decades, the legalization of hemp-derived cannabinoids like delta 8 has given the practice a new life.

Learn all about delta 8 dabs, how to smoke them, what their benefits are, and much more with Diamond CBD!

What Are Delta 8 Dabs?

Delta 8 dabs, also known as delta 8 wax dabs, are a type of delta 8 concentrate high in potency. Typically, they are a sticky, pliable substance with a golden tint and a texture closely resembling that of candle wax—or, if you want to get gross, ear wax. Its high stability and intense concentration make dabs one of the most powerful ways to consume delta 8 available today.

Although delta 8 dabs are a type of concentrate, not all concentrates are dabs. So, what exactly is a delta 8 dab? Well, it can mean multiple things, depending on how you use it.

You can take a “delta 8 dab”, which refers to the act of dabbing delta 8 concentrate. You can also buy a “delta 8 dab”, which is dabbable delta 8 wax. Some delta 8 concentrates are ingested in other ways, such as food or drink infusions and even sprinkling a little wax on joints and blunts. If a concentrate cannot be consumed via dabbing, then it is not technically a dab.

So, how exactly do you consume delta 8 dabs?

How Do You Smoke Delta 8 Dabs?

In order to start dabbing delta 8, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • Dab rig
  • Nail
  • Dab tool
  • Butane torch
  • Delta 8 dab

Similar to a bong, a dab rig is a piece of glassware made specifically for dabbing. Instead of a bong’s bowl, however, dab rigs need a nail. This is usually made of titanium or quartz and is where your delta 8 dab goes.

Using the torch, heat your nail until it’s hot—like, real hot. Once hot, use the dab tool to portion out some delta 8 wax and apply it onto the hot nail. The dab tool isn’t only good for handling the sticky concentrate, it’s also a great way to save your fingers from blisters caused by the nail’s temperature. Inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece on your dab rig and exhale slowly.

Within a few minutes, you should begin to feel the intense effects of your delta 8 concentrate. Be sure to steer clear from the nail, as it will remain hot for some time after each dab.

Other Ways to Dab Delta 8

If dabbing with a dab rig seems like a little too much work, don’t worry! There are other methods to enjoy the effects of delta 8 wax without going through all that hassle.

A much more convenient option is the dab rig’s modern counterpart: an e-rig, or electronic rig. Rather than employing the heat of a torch, an e-rig can heat up your nail using a built-in battery. Additionally, this method allows users to control the exact temperature of the dab; in some cases, higher temperatures burn and evaporate terpenes, which ultimately affects the concentrate’s potency.

If you’re not down with using electronics when you don’t need to, dab rigs aren’t the only way to take dabs the acoustic way. A nectar collector, also known as a dab straw or a honey straw, is a much more portable and convenient device than a dab rig. Instead of putting the concentrate on a hot nail, you essentially bring the straw’s metal tip to a surface that already has delta 8 concentrate. You heat up your tip in the same way as you would a nail, and then you place it over your wax and inhale it through the straw. Because the tip can reach extremely high temperatures, you need to put your wax on a surface that can withstand high levels of heat—preferably a mat or container made of silicone.

Although these are the most popular ways to smoke dabs, delta 8 concentrate is extremely adaptable. You can drop your delta 8 wax into a bowl with flower and smoke it from a bong, or you can sprinkle in a little wax when you’re rolling joints or blunts.

Additionally, you can load it into a vape pen. For this method, you’ll need to purchase a pen that comes with a detachable atomizer. An atomizer is just a heating element and is typically a metal coil warmed by the battery.  

Are Delta 8 Dabs Safe?

Delta 8 dabs are made using concentrated levels of delta 8. This compound is known to be half as strong as its older sibling, delta 9, and is usually associated with a relaxing, mellow high. Studies have proven that delta 8 helps with relaxation, anxiety relief, and pain management. In addition, delta 8 has been said to cause fewer adverse side effects, such as anxiety and paranoia.

That being said, don’t forget that other delta 8 products are not as concentrated as delta 8 dabs. This means that their potency is much higher—and its effects much stronger—than other methods. When dabbing delta 8, it is critical that you start low and build your way up to the perfect high.

Although you may be familiar with delta 8 with vapes, edibles, or oils, it’s important that you don’t get overconfident in your tolerance, especially if this is your first time trying delta 8 dabs. It’s best to start with small dabs and waiting a few minutes in between rounds to properly measure the extent of the concentrate’s effects.

Remember, you can always take one more dab, but once you go overboard, there’s no going back!

Are Delta 8 Dabs Legal?

Delta 8 dabs, like other hemp-derived products sold in the United States, are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. That said, they must meet some requirements in order to attain this legal status.

Although hemp and marijuana have no scientific differences, the Farm Bill created a legal distinction between the two types of cannabis. Under federal law, hemp refers to cannabis containing 0.3% THC or less on a dry weight basis. Marijuana, on the other hand, refers to cannabis containing more than 0.3% THC.

This means that delta 8 dabs, like all other cannabinoid products, are only federally legal if they are made from hemp and therefore contain 0.3% THC or less.

Delta 8 Dabs vs Other Consumer Products

Delta 8 dabs aren’t the only delta 8 products we offer at Diamond. Some of our most popular products include edibles, vapes, and oils. You may be wondering how these compare to our delta 8 dabs.

Whether you’re enjoying a delectable delta 8 edible, a relaxing delta 8 oil, or a smooth delta 8 disposable vape, one thing’s for sure: all of these products will have you reaping the buzzy benefits of delta 8.

The main difference between them, other than the obvious ingestion methods, is how long their effects take to kick in and how long they last. Products like delta 8 carts and oils, when taken sublingually, usually take minutes to kick in and can last for a few hours. Edibles like delta 8 gummies, however, take upwards of an hour to take effect and last around eight hours.

The main difference between delta 8 dabs and these other delta 8 products is that delta 8 dabs have a much higher concentration of the compound, meaning delta 8 dabs are much more potent than the rest.

How Are Delta 8 Dab Crystals Made?

Delta 8 dab crystals, also known as diamonds or crystalline, are delta 8 concentrates that resemble coarse sugar. They contain THCA and are free from any other plant matter, making them flavorless and odorless.

When heated—or decarboxylated—THC crystals convert into pure THC and produce the psychoactive effects so closely associated with the plant. This is why ingesting raw crystal will not produce psychoactive effects, the THCA needs to be heated to convert into THC.

So, how are delta 8 dab crystals made?

THC crystals are formed when cannabis oil is thoroughly and repeatedly refined into a single substance. Crystalline is often the base isolate for many delta 8 products, like edibles and vape cartridges.

The starting plant material for delta 8 crystals comes from raw hemp plants. Processors then mix cannabis with a solvent and apply heat and pressure to separate the THCA from the rest of the plant matter. This allows the compound to join into crystalline formations.

Although they are possibly more potent, delta 8 dab crystals lack the aroma and flavor of other concentrates due to its isolation from the plant’s original terpenes.

Different Types of Dabs Available:

There are several different types of dabbable delta 8 concentrates available, and they are all different in their own little ways. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.


Shatter is made using propane or butane extractions, which are better able to extract a higher percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes from raw plant material. It is then purged in a vacuum oven for around 48 hours to remove extraction residues.

It is usually a stiff, glossy, and brittle extract with a translucent, amber color. It has a firm and sharp consistency not unlike that of glass.


Crumble is often made using a Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction process. Like shatter, the starting material is soaked with a solvent to dissolve cannabinoids and terpenes. After the primary extraction, the crude product is spread on parchment paper and purged from residual solvents in a vacuum oven. It is usually processed at lower temperatures and for a longer time than other concentrates, which results in a drier product.

Crumble is an opaque and light-yellow extract (usually darkening into amber with age). Its texture is dry and crumbly, making it extremely easy to handle.


Budder, also known as badder or batter, has a production method that is nearly identical to that of shatter. The only noticeable difference in production is that extractors use a whipping process when purging the product of residue.

Its consistency is creamy and smooth, much resembling that of, you guessed it, butter. This pliable and highly aromatic concentrate is soft and malleable.

Rosin / Live Resin

The main difference between live resin and other concentrates is that its starting plant material is not dried or cured. Instead, freshly harvested plant matter is flash frozen before extraction, which helps preserve as much of hemp’s natural terpenes as possible.

The remainder of the extraction process isn’t much different to that of other concentrates but using fresh plant matter results in a much more aromatic and flavorful concentrate than all the rest.

The Benefits of Delta 8 Dabs

Dabbing cannabis concentrate has many benefits outside of delta 8’s relaxing psychoactive effects. Although all of our delta 8 products are safe and effective, delta 8 dabs allow you to enjoy a stronger, purer, and more flavorful cannabinoid experience.

Because the product is so concentrated in delta 8, a smaller amount is sufficient when it comes to getting a strong psychoactive effect. This is the main benefits of dabs when compared to other products, but it also has some other perks.


Delta 8 concentrates are often purer than other forms of the compound. Because of how it’s processed, you get to keep all of the compounds and terpenes that make the cannabis plant so beneficial. This also increases the potency of the product.


When compared to smoking traditional delta 8 flower, dabbing produces less of a smell that lingers for a shorter amount of time. If you want to reap the benefits of delta 8 without necessarily packing your bong or rolling a blunt, delta 8 dabs are the perfect way to do this!

Faster Results

Because of its higher delta 8 concentration, you’ll feel its effects much faster than with other products. This is especially helpful for those consuming delta 8 to help with nausea, pain, and other conditions of discomfort.