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All the way from sunny California, Made in Cali brings you that laidback feeling the state is known and loved for. With a psychedelic approach on life and the cannabis business, Made in Cali can make you soar way above the Santa Monica Pier and even past the Sierra Nevada. Far out, dude!

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Love love love this product! Quick onset, long lasting effects, and potent! Will definitely be a regular purchase

I found these to be perfect for sleep. The THCP really adds an extra layer of relaxation. It's strong without making you couch bound, yet potent enough for even the most seasoned of Delta 8 users...

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

What types of cannabinoids does Made in Cali sell?

Made in Cali products contain a blend of cannabinoids that may include Delta 8 and THCP.

Are Made in Cali products safe to consume?

Made in Cali products are generally safe to consume when used responsibly and following the recommended guidelines.

What are Made in Cali products all about?

Made in Cali products are all about bringing the laidback, West Coast chill vibe of California to customers, no matter where they are located. They embrace a psychedelic approach to life and the cannabis industry, offering products designed to elevate one's experience and evoke the relaxed culture associated with California's golden coast.