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Chill brand CBD gummies provide the ultimate relaxing experience, guided by a mission to promote and improve general wellness. Our all-natural hemp CBD gummies can enhance anyone’s daily routine by opening up access to delicious, reliable, high-quality CBD products. With Chill Gummies' line of CBD products, you get a natural and THC-free hemp edible that tastes great.


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I use these to help me sleep. They work so good for me I gave a bottle to my 23yr old daughter and she says they work for too. Very nice product!

Great gummies. These are just what I need after a stressful day, to help me quiet my brain and get to sleep.

Quick & easy transaction... Easy to find what I was looking for... I only purchase CBD from

Works great . A half hour after taking I can fall asleep with no problems. The best I have tried

This is a good product. It helps with my pains and restless legs. I couldn’t ask for a better product.

One chew and I get 8 hours of deep, quality sleep. For me, they work better than cbd oil or cbd chews alone.

These gummies are great. They help me fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, they don't taste bad at all!

I take 2 of these before bed, and I get 6-7 hours of deep sleep! They also taste great. I should probably just look for your 50mg gummy to save on ordering frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

Are Chill products safe to consume?

Yes! All of our Chill products are made using only the safest hemp extraction methods and the highest-quality hemp in the United States. Before reaching our store, these products also undergo rigorous third-party lab testing for purity and safety.

What’s the difference between Chill and Chill Plus?

Though closely related and equally beneficial, our Chill and Chill Plus brands do have one key difference. The Chill brand focuses on bringing you the highest-quality CBD products on the market today in form of edibles and drinks. Chill Plus, on the other hand, offers all sorts of cannabinoid products, including CBD, HHC, D8, D9, and D10.