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10X Delta 8, Delta 10, and other cannabinoid products are smooth, subtle, and energizing — a rich and powerful collection of hemp-derived compounds that’s 10X stronger than any competitor. Now you can experience the relaxed buzz of 10X vape pens and carts and the focus and creativity that comes with 10X edibles. With 10X products, users can enjoy the next level of hemp on their own terms. It’s buzz and focus made just for you.



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10X Delta-8 THC Gummies - 2 Pack Bundle

I'm a repeat customer, and I'm very pleased with the quality of the products I've purchased. And the shipping is the bomb, when they say 2 days it's 2 days!! Will continue to purchase my items from...

GG4 Vape Cartridge - Delta 8 THC - 10X - 900mg

This is not my first rodeo with this product. Delta-8 gorilla glue, not true to taste. Three puffs and I’m in the zone. Prolonged hot tubbing is one of the good side effects. Relaxes me to the bone. A...

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

What 10X products are available on Diamond?

Diamond’s offers a variety of 10X products, like smooth vape oils—including disposable vapes and vaping cartridges— as well as delicious edibles. 

Are 10X products safe to consume?

Absolutely! Diamond doesn’t just sell the best cannabinoids on the market today, we also take pride in our rigorous safety standards and third-party lab testing for safety, purity, and efficacy. 

What is the brand 10X all about?

Here at Diamond, we strive to bring you the best cannabinoid brands available anywhere, and 10X is exactly that: a smooth, rich, and powerful buzz worthy of the best customers around. With 10X vapes and edibles, you can make your cannabinoid experience a 10/10!

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