What's the Correct Dosage of CBD?

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Wondering how much CBD is enough CBD? It’s probably the question we get most often here at Diamond CBD. So let’s take a quick look at some of the factors that you’ll want to consider as you determine the best dosage for you.

Let's start off by saying that although the US government has a patent on cannabinoids called, "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants," which claims that CBD may have medicinal benefits, CBD has not been approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement or as a treatment for any disease. For that reason alone, even if CBD were determined to be a miracle drug, we’re flat out not allowed, by law, to make any medical claims. It’s up to you do the research to determine if and how much CBD is right for you. However, there are a few considerations that we can mention.

Quality and quantity

When it comes to knowing what dose you’re actually getting, the quality of the CBD products and the honesty of the company selling them are obviously important factors. Some companies use CBD tainted with pesticides, mold or toxic chemicals. Some products don’t have as much CBD as they say they do. We, at Diamond CBD, can nip this one in the bud. Diamond CBD only uses 100% natural, 100% pure CBD in its products. And if we say a product has 1,000 mg of CBD you can bet that it has 1,000 mg of CBD. Our success depends on it.

How much CBD is too much CBD?

It would be very difficult for you to take too much CBD, as it is non-toxic. No one has ever died from taking too much CBD. However, an excessive dose might chill you out more than intended while not doing much more good than a sensible dose of CBD. While not exceptionally dangerous, it is wasteful, and when taking it's important to remain aware of how your body is responding. So start small and work your way up.

Natural products like CBD affect everyone differently. As with any natural remedy, how much you should take depends on a lot of factors including your size, your metabolism, whether you’re taking it daily for health, how you’re taking it, and if you’re taking it to treat something in particular.

How much CBD is enough CBD?

It doesn’t take much CBD to supplement your body’s own natural endocannabinoids. 25 mg a day is a common dosage used by people who are taking CBD as a dietary supplement. If you’re taking 25mg a day of CBD, a product with 1,000 mg of CBD such as Diamond CBD 1,000mg CBD Oil will last you about 40 days.

Aside from health maintenance, CBD is used by many to self-treat particular ailments. Common dosages can be as low as 10mg a day for a single zit, up to hundred of milligrams a day for illnesses like cancer or epilepsy.

Learn more about CBD

To determine how much CBD is right for you, we highly suggest doing some research. Many illnesses have foundations dedicated to educating patients on treatments. The Epilepsy Foundation is a great example. Searching these sites for the keyword “CBD” is a good start. You can also use a search engine (such as google), to look for your condition along with the keywords “CBD” and “dosage.”

There are also organizations such as Project CBD, The CBD Foundation, and many others which can be great places to look for CBD dosage recommendations. CBD users’ groups might be another place where you can gather information. Simply create a post asking members for advice and to point you towards reputable sources.

Don’t just look at one source, look at several, and use the intelligence you find to determine what's right for you.

Once you’ve come to some conclusions, find a company that uses only top-quality CBD and doesn’t make bogus claims as to how much is in their products, then stick with that brand. Start with a small amount and work your way up. Take note of the effects and adjust accordingly.

Of course, we hope you’ll make Diamond CBD your brand of choice for top-quality, all-natural, pure CBD products. Visit us on Facebook and let us know how it’s going! We love to hear from our customers.