Cannabinol - blessing for insomniacs

Cannabinol is the degraded product of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the most abundant cannabinoid component found in the strains of cannabis plants.

When THC is exposed to sunlight and oxygen, it is converted to CBN or cannabinol. Though it is a product of THC, it does not exhibit the psychotropic effects.


The chemical properties of Cannabinol are that it is combustible, stable and are not compatible with strong oxidizing agents. The CBN appears as thin platelets.

Role of cannabinol in the treatment of insomnia

THC is the most popular cannabinoid component found in cannabis extracts followed by CBD or cannabidiol. THC causes psychotropic effects. But when it is exposed to heat and oxygen, THC is gradually devoid of all its mind altering effects. Finally the product that we obtain is CBN.

It is true that cannabinol contains no mind altering effects. But due to the reaction of THC to heat and oxygen, CBD gets extremely strong as tranquilizers. Cannabinol acts as natural sedatives and causes instant sleep even in acute insomniacs.

Cannabinol proves extremely useful in treating burns and bruises due to its anti-inflammation properties.

Cannabis oil – make your days healthy

The seeds of hemp are pressed and the Cannabis Oil is extracted. The most attractive property of cannabis oil is that it comprises of no mind bending properties and so the use of cannabis oil will not make a person go high.

The high content of CBD in cannabis oil has made it a real breakthrough in the field of medicine. Plenty of diseases like osteoporosis, epilepsy, cardiovascular disorders, schizophrenia, tumors and many others. The property to reduce inflammations and their role as strong oxidizing agents have found tremendous response in medicines.

Retarding the growth of cancer cells without causing any pain or trouble to the healthy cells has already created wonders. The control of Cannabis Oil exerted on the sebaceous glands of our skin has helped it to treat acne which is a major skin problem.

Cannabinol oil – lead a pain free life

The most interesting form of cannabinol is Cannabinol Oil. Sharing the medicinal properties of cannabinol has made it an ace in the treatment of cancer, inflammation, seizures and many others.

Pain is efficiently reduced due to the application of cannabinol oil. The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinol oil gradually enhance the analgesic effects of nabiximols.

Consumption of Cannabinol Oil has found huge application in changing the anxious and irritable physiological and behavioral pattern.

The natural and pure property of Cannabinol ensures its safe usage.