Raw CBD - an excellent way to improve your health

Raw CBD is the purest form of CBD available in the market. CBD is one of the cannabinoid components found in strains of hemp plants. CBD does not cause any mind altering effects on an individual’s brain. The mind altering effects are caused by the cannabinoid component called THC, which is negligible in hemp plants.

raw cbd

The two most important factors that determine the purity of CBD are:

  • The correct hemp plant
  • The process of manufacture of Raw CBD

The hemp plant is the raw material used to manufacture Raw CBD. During the growth, the hemp plants are not treated with any chemical pesticides or herbicides. Thus, the product obtained is fully free from all these chemicals. Due to the above factors, the raw CBD contains no chemical residues, toxic metal residues and residues of mycotoxin.

Next comes the manufacturing process. The process is termed as supercritical CO2 extraction method. As the term suggests, it employs the use of CO2 at high pressure and low temperatures. Thus, it eliminates the mere chances of even a petty germ, if present in the Raw CBD.

CBD extract – the purest and natural mode of medicine

CBD Extract is one of the products of hemp plants. It contains CBD in high amounts and THC in negligible amounts. In addition to these, the other constituents that compose the CBD extract are natural molecules.

A careful extraction mechanism is used for extracting CBD Extract. It includes the use of CO2 at very low temperature and high pressure. This process kills any contaminants if any present.

The advantages of CBD extract:

  • It helps in the treatment of cancer and leukemia.
  • Treats sleep disorders and nausea.
  • Acts as an anti-oxidation drug.
  • Reduces inflammation, thus acting as an anti-inflammatory drug.
Private label CBD - an easy way to brand our CBD

Private Label CBD implies the manufacture of CBD in one company and the distribution of the products under some other brand name. This gives an unavoidable opportunity to the retailers or small shop owners to create a brand and independence over the marketing of the products.

In addition to marketing independence, Private Label CBD includes personalized images, logos and taglines. The retailers will have a complete stock of all the newest CBD product the moment it is released in the market.

Raw CBD mimics the action of endocannabinoids and in this way it brings relief from pain and stress.