CBD Extract - helps in curing deadly and painful diseases

CBD Extract is the highly concentrated form of the CBD. The cannabis plants contain a naturally occurring component called cannabinoid or CBD after THC, which is another widely found cannabinoid component in cannabis plants. The difference between these two is that CBD does not make the consumer feel high nor does it causes any harmful effects. On the contrary, THC leads to unavoidable addiction and many other diseases.

The cannabis plants which contain the maximum amount of CBD are termed as hemp plants and these plants are put to use in order to obtain CBD Extract. The hemp plants also contain negligible amounts of THC.

Methods of CBD extraction

In order to produce a highly concentrated CBD or CBD Extract, it is mandatory to select a cannabis plant which is highly rich in CBD content. A rich CBD content plant serves as the best raw material for the production of CBD Extract.

There are several methods of preparation of CBD extract such as:

  • Supercritical O2 extraction: This method is considered to be the safest and hygienically the best method to prepare CBD Extract. The term “supercritical” is used as the conditions required for this process implies an extremely controlled temperature and pressure.
  • Carrier oil extraction: this method is employed via oil based extraction process. The products obtained by this method are rich in omega acid if hemp seed oil serves as the carrier. But the carrier oils have limited shelf life due to which yields are produced but in smaller amounts and usually for personal use.
  • Solvent extraction: this method is easy to be obtained and is also cost effective. But this method is ignored due to the risk of explosions.

Thus, supercritical CO2 extraction is the most favorable method as the products yielded by this process are absolutely free from any harmful contaminants due to the presence of controlled temperature and pressure.

Uses of CBD extract:

  • It has been found by researchers that CBD extract can be used to cure fatal disorders like autism.
  • It can used for the treatment of muscle dystrophy.
  • It can be used to combat stress and anxiety.
  • CBD extract does not cause any psychotropic effects rather it reduces the risks caused by cigarette and marijuana smoking.
  • It is also said to kill cancerous cells.

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The concept of Private label CBD

Private Label CBD implies the manufacture of finest quality CBD from one company and then the products are sold under other brand’s names.

Why should one go for private label CBD:
  1. The first and the foremost advantage of using a private label CBD is that the retailers possess, control over the pricing and service of the product.
  2. Marketing independence is another reason one should go for private label CBD.
  3. The retailers can control production, profits gained from the business, the distribution of products and the marketing strategy.
  4. You can also add your own personalized logos or taglines.
Due to the above mentioned uses, the retailers can create a unique and personalized brand. Private Label CBD creates more sales opportunities for the retailers. Moreover, if your brand is private labelled, it gives a tough or rather a tougher competition to your fellow competitors.