Why Our CBD Oil Uses Industrial Hemp

Posted on August 9, 2018
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CBD oil comes from industrial hemp —it’s something you hear repeated constantly. Whether it’s our CBD edibles, our Daily Boost CBD Shot, or our new CBD Honey Pot, everything we make starts with industrial hemp.

That’s because unlike THC, which comes from cannabis, CBD oil is a non-psychoactive legal alternative that may bring you much-needed relief.

Our CBD oil also uses industrial hemp because we want to add high-quality cannabinoids to our products without causing any ill effects, and all-natural CBD oil from industrial hemp is the best way to do just that.

What Is Industrial Hemp?

Industrial hemp is different from cannabis. It grows slightly larger leaves and stands with a skinnier stalk. And it only has 0.03 percent THC, nowhere near enough to cause any trouble. Industrial hemp is around 40 percent cannabidiol, which makes it a key ingredient in all CBD oils.

Hemp is considered a low maintenance plant because it doesn’t require much “babysitting.” It uses less water and can fight off bugs without pesticides. Industrial hemp grows quickly, too —in three months, which makes it a favorite among small farmers and CBD oil manufacturers.

Industrial hemp’s low-maintenance attitude makes it very malleable for different industries. That’s why it’s called “industrial.” It’s used in textiles, construction, animal feed, even paper. One acre of hemp can yield 1300 pounds of fiber, 530 pounds of feed, or 22 gallons of oil.

Why We Use Industrial Hemp In Our CBD Oil

Hemp is predominantly CBD, and industrial hemp can be bred to contain even higher levels of the cannabinoid for our CBD oil if we want. Many countries, including the United States, federally require hemp to have less than .03% THC. But there are no limits to the levels of CBD.

Today’s technology makes it possible to distinguish between THC and CBD levels. Companies can control how much CBD is in their CBD oil and limit the amount of THC. That’s how we create our CBD vape oil. Our ingredients come from 100 percent all natural industrial hemp so you can vape with confidence.

Is Industrial Hemp Illegal?

You knew the answer to this one —absolutely not. CBD oil that comes from industrial hemp, as per the Farm Bill of 2014 is perfectly legal in the United States.

Our CBD oils use premium industrial hemp because it’s legal. To sell our oils and edibles online, we guarantee that our industrial hemp products don’t contain more than .03 percent THC.

All Natural Industrial Hemp CBD Oil

We want to protect our customers’ legal well-being, so we use industrial hemp in all of our CBD oil, from our CBD Flavored Hemp Oil to our Full Spectrum CBD Oil to everything in between.

If you are new to CBD oil and want to give it a try, go for our Strawberry Flavor Diamond CBD Oil —you won’t be disappointed. These low-dose treats are a great way to introduce your body to the health benefits of CBD oil.

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