Why Even The Best CBD Oil Products Affect People So Differently

Posted on May 4, 2018

Many of you have asked us why CBD oil (or CBD Gummies, or CBD Vapes) affects people so differently sometimes. How come some people find themselves experiencing specific CBD oil benefits, while others may have a different reaction? How come your Liquid Gold Vape Additive made me feel this way but made my friend feel something different? The truth is there are a number of reasons why CBD hemp oil benefits can vary.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why even the best CBD oil products affect people so differently:


First and foremost, CBD oil benefits may vary from person to person because of genetics. For example, one way to understand it is to think of people with anxiety disorders. One of the symptoms of an anxiety disorder is a heightened sense of paranoia, especially when induced by different substances.

According to some experts, those with anxiety disorders may find THC to be unsettling, but, on the other hand, may find great relief from CBD. CBD doesn’t have the same psychotropic properties as THC, hence the reason people with anxiety disorders may have an easier time with it.

Of course, we all know that CBD affects the endocannabinoid system. Some people are born with more endocannabinoids than others,  which means that CBD may affect them differently. So, if you’re feeling a different result than someone else from CBD, maybe (just maybe) blame your genes!) Also, the number of receptors can change over your lifetime.


That’s right; even your gender may affect how CBD oil benefits you. Some people argue that women are a bit less tolerant of CBD than men, meaning it takes less CBD to achieve similar results.

It also means that a little goes a long way, so, too much CBD may have an adverse effect on women. Men, on the other hand, have a higher body mass index and more considerable girth, which means they typically require more CBD to achieve the same effect.

However, women are known to receive more pain relief from CBD than men. This is due to how cannabis works closely with estrogen. Of course, men can still find relief from CBD, but the key is always to know your body.

Diet and Stress

Lifestyle is one of the leading factors in determining the particular CBD oil benefits experienced by each individual. A diet low in fatty acids will benefit more from CBD oil because, according to some, CBD itself is a form of a fatty acid. In other words, bodies low in fatty acids will absorb CBD quicker.

Of course, the converse is true—a diet high in fatty acids is less likely to experience CBD oil benefits because it is less able to absorb CBD hemp oil.

Interestingly, those who live a lifestyle with more stress are more likely to experience CBD oil benefits. CBD is absorbed in the CB2 receptors, which makes you feel relaxed. As we learned previously, CBD can make you feel “happy” because of its ability to mimic anandamide which increases the production of serotonin. Hence, the more hectic your lifestyle, the more CBD hemp oil benefits you will experience.


Just like the constant use of THC can cause users to build up a tolerance, using CBD too often can, over time, lessen the effects of and diminish CBD oil benefits. That is why it is important never to use more than you absolutely need.Try not to overdo it with CBD. Practice moderation to avoid building up a tolerance.

Of course, sometimes building up a tolerance is inevitable. To regain the benefits of CBD oil, people will take breaks from using CBD for a few days or a week. It is important to always discuss something like this with your doctor or a medical professional before deciding on changing your daily regimen.

Product Quality

Of course, product quality is the number one reason why two people may feel different when taking CBD. Diamond CBD offers only the best all-natural industrial hemp CBD with the best CBD oil benefits. Whether it is our Chill Gummies, or our Liquid Gold Vape Additives, or our entire line of Diamond CBD oil, our products are always guaranteed to be top-quality, with no illicit substance and no synthetics.