Why Chong's Choice CBD Oil is The Best Choice For You

Posted on November 6, 2018
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Every day, more and more CBD fans are choosing Chong’s Choice CBD as their preferred brand of CBD oils, CBD gummies, and CBD vapes. And only not because Tommy Chong is a counterculture legend and half of the incomparable creative team of Cheech & Chong, but also because Tommy chose to work with Diamond CBD for a reason. That reason is that Diamond CBD is able to provide Tommy with the highest quality CBD oil available.

CBD products from Tommy Chong
Diamond CBD is able to provide Tommy with the highest quality CBD oil available.

About as big a celebrity as you will find in the cannabiz, Tommy is famous — or maybe infamous — for his more than four decades of work with longtime friend Cheech Marin in the Cheech and Chong comedy duo. Since the early 70s, the pair has produced a string of hit comedy albums and cult movie classics such as the blockbuster stoner flick “Up In Smoke.”

Tommy still performs live comedy to sold-out crowds with Cheech and his wife Shelby. You may also recognize Tommy’s voice in Disney’s Academy Award-nominated box office hit, Zootopia, in which he plays the role of a yak. Tommy is also the organizer of the famous cannabis grower’s contest, the Blazer’s Cup.

Aside from being a renowned cannabis entrepreneur, throughout his nearly half a century-long career, Tommy Chong has been a prominent voice for legalizing cannabis and hemp and donates a great deal of his time to support the efforts of cannabis advocacy organizations. He has appeared on just about every major news show discussing the subject of cannabis and hemp legalization.

CBD oil from Chong's Choice
If you’re looking for a CBD oil that you can trust and stick with for the long haul, you can’t go wrong with a brand endorsed by a world-famous cannabis advocate.

When asked by industry news source PotNetwork.com why he decided to add CBD to his line of premium cannabis products, Tommy said, “CBD appeals to millions of people that really want the health benefits of cannabis, but maybe aren’t stoners. I want to be part of the CBD health revolution! Diamond CBD was psyched to work with me to produce a line of premium products. So that’s what we did.”

And when asked why he’s working with Diamond CBD, in particular, Tommy says, “Simple. Because I’m a stickler for the best of the best. When people see Chong’s Choice on the package, they know they’re getting nothing but the best. When I started looking for who made the best CBD products, I immediately found Diamond CBD. They proved to have the highest quality products and were big enough to distribute nationwide. Diamond CBD was really psyched to work with me. Frankly, they swept me off my feet. But we make a good couple.”

If you’re looking for a CBD product line that you can trust and stick with for the long haul, you can’t go wrong with a brand that a world-famous cannabis advocate is willing to put his name on. Chong’s Choice line of CBD products includes CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD vapes, and vape liquid additives.

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