January 18, 2018

What Are The Different Ways To Take CBD? Which Is Best For You?

"How do you like your CBD? And what is the best way for me?"

These are the two most basic questions being asked by our first-time customers. Let's take a quick look at some of the ways you can use CBD and see if we can steer you in the right direction.

CBD Edibles

Edibles are one of our best selling categories and they are becoming more and more popular. Edibles are easy to carry around, convenient and enjoyable to use. There are a wide variety of edibles from CBD gummy bears to chocolate bars. CBD edibles generally take longer to take effect, but can last longer than vaping or other forms. One benefit of CBD edibles is that the dosage is pre-measured so you know exactly how much CBD you're getting. If you're looking for the most convenient and portable form of CBD, edibles are for you.

CBD Oils

Oils are by far the most popular way the world consumes CBD. In fact, “CBD oil” is the most searched item on Leafly.com. CBD oil products are easy to use but a little less convenient and less portable than edibles. If you take CBD throughout the day, you probably won't want to carry around a dropper bottle at all times. However, CBD oils are great for making your own edibles. They can be mixed into your favorite recipes, beverages, smoothies, shakes, etc. If you want, you can just take a few drops under your tongue and move on with your day. If you're taking CBD a couple of times a day, or making your own edibles, oils are a good choice. 

CBD Vape Pens

Vaporizing is also quickly growing in popularity among CBD users. To vaporize CBD, you need a CBD vape pen. Vape pens have a heating element that heats the CBD-infused vape oil to a temperature where it evaporates and can be inhaled. If you're a beginner we suggest that you start with the disposable pens. They are easy to use with no mess. 

CBD Dabs

Dabbing is the process of smoking or vaporizing CBD isolate. CBD Isolate is the most purified form of CBD and is most often used for dabbing. Like vaping, CBD dabs provide instant effects and the maximum bioavailability. Dabbing requires more sophisticated equipment than vaping. To do dabs you'll need something called a dab rig which is a lot like a water pipe but it vaporizes the CBD rather than burning it. Unless you're an old pro, vaping is probably a better way to get started than dabbing. However, dabs can also be used in recipes and added to foods in the same manner as oils. 


When you want an unflavored option that mixes well into anything, seek raw CBD in a convenient powder form of CBD isolate. Raw CBD is extracted from industrial hemp plants, which then undergoes an additional refinement process, removing all THC and other plant matter, leaving behind 99.99% CBD isolate in its purest form.

Check out Diamond's selection of raw CBD options, which are convenient for adding the benefits of pure CBD in unflavored form to any food or beverage and conveniently dosing their CBD this way. 

CBD Skin Creams

CBD-infused topical creams are applied to the skin and are popular for a variety of reasons. Diamond CBD carries a variety of CBD skin creams. Our topicals contain extra ingredients to keep your skin feeling good. 

In a Nutshell...

No, CBD doesn't literally come in nutshells, but hey, maybe it could. To wrap it all up, edibles are easy and portable, using oils is more flexible but not as portable, vaping is portable and fast acting, and dabs are a lot like vaping but more potent and not so portable or convenient.