Tommy Chong Chooses Diamond CBD for Chong's Choice Line of CBD Products

Posted on October 11, 2017
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Big news! Tommy has selected Diamond CBD to be his partner to introduce a new line of ultra-premium hemp-derived CBD oil products! Tommy Chong is The Man. He's about as big a celebrity as you will find in the cannabiz, and his Chong's Choice products are all about premium quality. 

Tommy Chong is famous (or maybe infamous) for his work with longtime friend Cheech Marin in the Cheech and Chong comedy duo. The pair produced a string of gut-bustingly funny albums and movies beginning in the mid 70’s. You might remember the classic comedy record, Big Bambu? Or maybe cult stoner flick, Up In Smoke? 

The pair have been going strong now for nearly half a decade. Currently, Tommy and Cheech do live comedy with Tommy's wife, Shelby, frequently performing to sold-out crowds. Tommy’s most recent movie role was that of Yax the Yak in Disney’s most recent box office hit, Zootopia. The animated hit feature received an Academy Award along with both Golden Globe and People’s Choice nominations.

But I digress.

So, why did THE Tommy Chong choose to work with Diamond CBD when he could have chosen any CBD maker on Earth? (Other than the fact that we got down on our knees and begged him... I kid.) I’ll let Tommy explain in his own words.

Me: Tommy, tell our fans and yours why you chose to work with Diamond CBD.

Tommy: That's an easy one. Because I’m a stickler for the best of the best. When people see Chong’s Choice on the package, they know they’re getting nothing but the best. When I started looking for who made the best CBD products, I immediately found Diamond CBD. Hands down, they had the highest quality products. Plus they were really psyched to work with me. Frankly, they swept me off my feet. But we make a good couple.

Me: You’re famous for your stoner comedy routines in Cheech and Chong, what made you decide to launch a line of CBD products?

Tommy: Well, I think CBD appeals to millions of people that really want the health benefits of herb, but maybe aren’t stoners. I’m really psyched to be part of the CBD health revolution!

(It was a really short interview. He's a busy guy.)

Tommy also graciously allowed us to sponsor his Tommy Chong Blazers Cup competition being held in San Bernardino, California December 2nd and 3rd. Be there, or be square! (They used to say that in the '70s.)

Look for Chong's Choice line of CBD products including oilsvape pens, and edibles, coming soon from Diamond CBD. 

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