January 25, 2019

THC and CBD Are Back At It Again In Diamond CBD’s Latest Episodes of “I am CBD, I am THC”

Our friends THC and CBD are back, in the latest group of hilarious but informative Diamond CBD commercials designed to educate you on the benefits of CBD. If you recall, these groundbreaking ads, an homage to the classic “Get a Mac” ads aired by Apple last decade show two people playing the personification of THC and CBD, with CBD, of course, always one-upping THC.

These ads are designed to do more than just sell some products; they are part of Diamond CBD’s push for quality and transparency in the industry., It’s our way of educating consumers about the wonderful benefits of CBD using a little bit of humor.

So, what are THC and CBD up to these days?

CBD Has An Easier Time With Airport Security

In what’s sure to be a new classic, THC is trying to make his way through airport security, but he has to wear what can only be considered a ridiculous disguise. Of course, we all know that traveling with THC is illegal, but not with CBD. Watch as these two mix it up with the TSA.

THC Doesn’t Understand Third-Party Testing

In one hilarious new ad, THC and CBD discuss Diamond CBD third-party testing guarantee. THC, however, doesn’t quite understand what a third-party test is, exactly. You all know that Diamond CBD guarantees the safety and quality of all of our products with third-party testing.

The Diamond CBD Quality Seal

In what’s bound to be everyone’s new favorite ad, CBD and THC discuss their quality seals of approval. Of course, Diamond CBD’s new holographic seal gives customers the confidence to know the Diamond CBD uses only the best ingredients, that everything is certified fresh, and that it’s perfectly safe to use.

THC… not so much.

Classic Ads About CBD In The Making

You can watch the entire collection of new spots right here on Youtube. The entire collection is so good; we wish we had room to show them all to you here.

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Whatever you do, don’t listen to that guy THC!