Relax Vape Liquid Presents "Cool Vape Tricks"

Posted on October 22, 2017
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So, I am a new intern for Diamond CBD. I was supposed to be writing about the new Relax CBD Vape Liquid—my first assignment. Looks like a cool product. Funky, retro artwork on the box. But they didn’t tell me anything else whatsoever about the product. And I’m supposed to write an article about this.

They let me take this task home, which was pretty chill—must be working for them. I busted out my laptop and made a new doc. I then began enjoying the “Jungle Juice” (that’s the flavor) CBD experience.

I gotta say, I’ve been kind of anxious about this new job, frankly, and the idea of writing my first story with pretty much nothing to go on was kind of freaking me out. But after a few puffs on my vape, I honestly did begin to relax. :) I wasn’t nearly so tense anymore.

The malfunction is, I relaxed so much that I got engrossed in watching gifs of vape tricks. See Cool Vape Tricks below.

I was only supposed to spend an hour and a half total on this little project, including posting it on the blog. Three hours later, I’m still sitting there puffing on my vape and flipping through Google Images. But there was so much cool stuff. Some of them I couldn’t stop watching.

Unfortunately, now it’s Saturday morning, this was supposed to be posted yesterday after work, and I don’t have a whole lot to say about Relax Vape Liquid from Diamond CBD (my employer that’s gonna freak), but I can testify that it chilled me nice right out. And the Jungle Juice flavor is intensely exotic, which is, like, my thing. I like exotic flavors.

So, no story...  But I do have this wicked collection of vape gifs that I thought all you Diamond CBD fans would enjoy. I guess there’s a chance I may lose my gig, but I feel confident, I think they’ll understand. It would also help me if, after you watch these gifs, you click here and get some Relax Vape Liquid so the analytics intern can show them how many people appreciate this post.


Commence the Cool Vape Tricks

This guy who can bust a smoke ring in two.

This chick making Cheery O's...  

This guy puffing rings in slo-mo...

What sorcery is this?

This guy inhaling an upside-down tornado.

This dude coming at it from a different angle.

Catching a smoke ring.

Catching a smoke ring.

Vape tricks are fun for everyone.


Now go treat yourself to some Relax Vape Liquid.

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