November 2, 2017

Properly Store Diamond CBD And It Will Last For Years

A common question our customers ask is about how to properly store CBD oilsediblesand creams.

Hemp CBD oil, as with all natural products, deteriorates and breaks down with age, but when properly stored, high-quality CBD, including all Diamond CBD products, can last for years. Light, heat, and air exposure also play a part in the breakdown of cannabinoids such as CBD. The best way to prevent or slow the process is to store it in a cool, dark place such as your fridge for short-term use, or your freezer for long-term storage.

If you’re using your CBD daily and expect to consume it within a month or two, it’s fine to keep it in a medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, or a drawer as long as your home is kept at a reasonable room temperature (around 74*F/23*C).

If you’re using your CBD as an ingredient for making CBD butter or oil, be sure to refrigerate it in an airtight, opaque container.

When storing CBD oil long-term, it’s still recommended to use it before the “best by” dates printed on the product.

When taking CBD along on a trip, try to keep it in a cooler. If that’s not possible, at least keep it in a dark place such as your backpack, and keep it out of direct sun and high heat. Never store CBD in an automobile for an extended period of time.

All of Diamond CBD’s products come in airtight packages suitable for long-term storage. Well-stored, Diamond CBD products can last for years.

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