LT Pain Master Extreme Sports CBD Cream and Oral Drops Are Here

Posted on August 21, 2017
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Good for you! You’ve been getting out there and just doing it. Well, maybe overdoing it?

Jumped too many ropes? Basketed too many balls? Maybe you went ahead and ran the extra mile? Or maybe you’ve got a new friend that’s keeping you busy, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Or maybe you finally got off the couch and trimmed the hedges. Well, that’s what Barry in the lab did a few weekends back. He had resentful muscles in places that he didn’t even know he had muscles. And they were being a pain and causing him grief.

Has anything like this happened to you? No whining. The solution is here. On this very website. Waiting for you to let it into your life, to let it help you.

Barry is smiling now because he had just a little bit of CBD handy. He mixed it with a few other secret ingredients, and, Eureka! Barry was able to get back to work.

It's all good because Barry informed Cal in QA, who told GM Jill, who told Randy, VP of R&D, who just happened to know a guy who is somewhat of an authority in muscle pain - because he’s got a lot of muscles. His name is Lawrence Taylor.

In case you haven’t heard of this fellow, Lawrence Taylor (aka “LT”) was a starting linebacker for the venerable NY Giants. LT is not just a run-of-the-mill jock. He’s a bona fide NFL Hall of Famer. You don’t get into the Football Hall of Fame by going easy - if you know what I mean. That level of accomplishment takes a lifetime of overdoing it. He’s a git-‘er-done kinda guy. Whatever it takes. Remember that time in college when he jumped seven feet in the air to block a punt and landed on the back of his neck? LT is the Pain Master! Woot, woot!

And in 1987 LT finished the season as the team leader in sacks with 12 in 12 games played. He missed a game due to a hamstring injury, ending a consecutive-games-played streak at 106. If LT had had some LT Pain Master back then, who knows how far he could have taken it.

So, anyway, Randy, VP of R&D, introduced LT to GM Jill, who brought him in to meet Barry and the lab coats to work together to develop a product that could help take your mind off what ails you so you can get back to work too.

Once Barry and his team had a solution they were happy with, they brought Dee, VP of marketing, in on the project to give the solution a name. VP Dee called together a team of experts in the field of naming and designing stuff. They batted around a few ideas and organized a focus group. After putting quite a bit of thought into it what to call the solution, what they all came up with was, “LT Pain Master.” And they designed a snazzy black and gold package to complete the effect. The VP liked it, the GM liked it, R&D liked it, the focus group liked it, and Barry liked it. And he thinks you will too.

LT insisted that if we were going to name our new CBD pain cream and drops after him, we could only use the highest quality ingredients in the product (and that it would have to look really cool.) Which was fine with us because that’s all we ever do, anyway. All Diamond CBD products are developed with CBD sourced from 100% natural premium hemp and extracted to purity using only non-toxic CO2 extraction. And they look cool.

LT Pain Master CBD pain cream and oral drops are an ingenious blend of ingredients designed to turn that grimace on your face into a smile. LT uses LT Pain Master CBD cream and drops himself when he’s feeling the pain.

LT Pain Master comes in super-strength 1,000mg CBD oral drops for those all over body pains, and a 1,000mg CBD cream for targeting those tender spots.

Buy it, you'll like it.

The above story is a fictional account of actual events and intended for entertainment purposes only. The names and job positions have been changed to protect the innocent. Except for LT. He’s the real deal.

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