August 27, 2021

I Tried Delta-8 THC: Here’s What It Feels Like

Hi Everyone! My name is Joe — or maybe it’s Tom — or perhaps it’s Eddie. I’m not going to tell you my real name for confidentiality purposes and because I promised my bosses at work that I wouldn’t, but I am going to talk about something very real with you — my experiences with Delta-8 THC. When Diamond CBD asked me to share with you what it feels like to use Delta-8, my first thought was will you guys give me any free stuff if I do so?  And after that, I thought, maybe they have some cool, top-secret Delta-8 products they can share with me. But then my third thought, finally, was, yeah, why not.

So, I have a story to tell everyone. I tried Delta-8 THC. Here’s what it feels like.

Actually, I try Delta-8 THC all the time. I’m a frequent user of the stuff and have been for over a year now. I find it to be the perfect complement to traditional cannabis and think it goes great with things like CBD as well. For me, Delta-8 has become one of those products that I’ve added to my every day without even thinking, and now I don’t know how I’ve ever lived without it.

As for what I do, I’m not going to tell (we’re keeping things confidential, after all), but I will tell you about myself in the most general of terms. I’m a reasonably young guy in my early 30s. I have a regular job that I go to every day. I enjoy hitting the beach, playing video games, and playing ultimate frisbee on my own time. Oh, and I have a couple of dogs too, who take up lots of my time. I think this is starting to sound like a dating profile, so maybe we’ll get back to the Delta-8.

Anyway, I live in a state where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use, and I do make use of it when I can. My job requires a lot of my time, but I enjoy stepping away from the world in my off time. A few years ago, I also discovered CBD oil. I use it in my coffee, and I use topical CBD for my back. My two pups take CBD every day as well.

I guess I also like long walks on the beach, but that’s probably not important here.

Around last year I was browsing the internet, looking for something new, when I came across Delta-8 THC here at Diamond CBD. It was the Chill Plus Delta Force Squares Gummies. Now, I’m not usually one for edibles, as a decent edible can last all day, but I figured I’d give it a try. Besides, I honestly thought it was going not to affect me whatsoever. 

Boy, was I wrong.

From that moment on, I began a new love affair with Delta-8 THC. As Diamond CBD introduced new products, I tried as many as I could. Personally, I’m partial to vape cartridges, although I enjoy some of the candy products too, like Chill Plus Delta-8 Lollipops and Chill Plus Delta-8 Chocolate Bars.

But anyway, I guess what you’re really wondering is what Delta-8 THC feels like. Does it really give me a buzz? Let’s find out.

I Tried Delta-8 THC: Here’s What It Feels Like
Around last year I was browsing the internet, looking for something new, when I came across Delta-8 THC here at Diamond CBD.

My Experience With Delta-8 THC Vapes

For me, I prefer Delta-8 THC vapes. I love to vape in general, and I love all of the different flavors. Plus, vapes are a fun way to enjoy Delta-8. My personal favorites are the 10X Delta-8 Vapes, but I’ve tried them all, including the Liquid Gold Vapes and the Chill Plus Vape products too.

I should note that my tolerance for this stuff is pretty high, as I am a regular user of THC (the Delta-9 kind). But even with that, Delta-8 is an entirely different experience.

Usually, when I decide I’m going to use Delta-8 THC, which happens to be my cannabinoid of choice these days, I’ll reach for my vape cartridge after breakfast. I like to start the day out by working out and then eating breakfast to make sure my stomach has something in it. Then, after that, I’ll take a couple of puffs of either Zkittles or Green Crack

With vapes, the come-up is pretty quick. It doesn’t hit you hard and fast, but you can feel it right away. Most people expect Delta-8 to knock them out, kind of like cannabis, but it may actually give you a quick burst of energy. When I take my first puff of Delta-8, I know I feel like moving.

The best part of Delta-8 THC is that it never makes me feel anxious. Cannabis can make me feel a bit anxious or even paranoid, especially as I get older, but that never happens with Delta-8. And I never get locked into the couch with Delta-8 THC either. As fun as it can be to binge-watch Doctor Who for 12 hours — and I have definitely done that — with Delta-8, I usually work or play frisbee with my mates or something.

The comedown is easy too. It’s not harsh, and it never leaves you with that desire to go for more constantly. Of course, it’s so great that you always want more, but not in a “I have to have it” kind of way. Usually, I’ll puff on my vape a few times every two hours or so, and I’ll be feeling fine all day long.

I Tried Delta-8 THC: Here’s What It Feels Like
Usually, when I decide I’m going to use Delta-8 THC, which happens to be my cannabinoid of choice these days, I’ll reach for my vape cartridge after breakfast.

My Experience With Delta-8 THC Edibles

Now, I said I don’t use edibles often, but that doesn’t mean I never use them. In fact, when I know I’m going to have a long weekend to myself or a few days off of work, I love to dip into a bag of Delta-8 THC Gummies or grab a Delta-8 Chocolate Bar and watch the world melt away. Fair warning, though, if you’ve never tried an edible before, I recommend that you take it slow, as these things can really creep up on you.

The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that the edible isn’t working right away, so you go and take another. Don’t! Delta-8 edibles take some time to come up, but it’s a wild ride when they do. Don’t take too much, and you’ll feel like a million bucks. The last time I took some edibles, I took some Shrooms Gummies, and I was on the phone with my friends for hours, and we had some of the best conversations about life and love and everything that we’ve had in a long time.

It really was a great experience. And it lasted all day long from just two gummies. After I got off the phone, I had a slight case of the munchies (who doesn’t) and made myself what tasted like the best breakfast burrito in the world. Sure it was late afternoon, but it’s always the right time for a breakfast burrito.

The gummies finally wore off somewhere around 10 pm that night, allowing me to ease myself into the best sleep I’ve ever had. And when I woke up the next day, I didn’t feel groggy or hungover. I felt refreshed and relaxed, like I could take on the world.

What’s the Best Type of Delta-8 THC?

Deciding which kind of Delta-8 THC is the best is all about personal preference. That’s why I always recommend to everyone that you try everything at least once so you can get a good feel for the type of buzz that you think you are going to like. And always go slow. Remember, you can take more Delta-8, but you can never take less.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my experiences. And hope we have an opportunity to get buzzed together someday, as I’m really a chill guy. Plus, Diamond CBD owes me a bunch of free Delta-8 THC products now! So the party is at my place next time!