How Dr. Oz’s Sanjay Gupta CBD Segment Got It All Wrong

Posted on March 11, 2019
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Did you catch the Dr. Oz TV show back in October where Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussed the pros and cons of CBD oil? We hope you took it with a grain of salt because this is one of those situations where people who think for themselves will be better off than those who believe something just because it’s on TV. Although the good doctor got some things right, he did manage to squeeze a good amount of misinformation into the 14-minute segment, while leaving out some important details.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past decade, Dr. Oz is an author, educator, and television personality whose focus is personal healthcare and alternative medicine. The Dr. Oz show is a daily television program which focuses on personal health issues. Although generally well-liked by the public at large, Dr. Oz has been criticized by his peers, government officials, and the news media for promoting “pseudoscience.”

Dr. Gupta is a well-respected health educator and news media personality who is well known for reversing his stance against medicinal cannabis and coming out in favor of CBD oil in a multi-part CNN special report with the sensationalistic title, “Weed.”

How Dr. Oz’s Sanjay Gupta CBD Segment Got It All Wrong

What Dr. Sanjay Gupta Got Wrong About CBD

If we had to choose, say, the top three things you’d want to explain to someone who is interested in learning more about the medicinal benefits of CBD oil they would be these:

  1. The fact that CBD oil is made from hemp, not marijuana

  2. How CBD works to provide health benefits

  3. Where to find good CBD products

Unfortunately, the segment chose to focus on some of the more problematic aspects of the industry and only skimmed one of these topics.

Dr. Gupta did correctly state that the extracts of marijuana contain both CBD and THC. THC is responsible for the high produced by marijuana. What he did not point out is that the products made from marijuana are referred to as cannabis oil, not CBD oil and that the CBD oil that is available to the general public (that is, outside of marijuana dispensaries), is not made from marijuana, rather it’s made from hemp. Hemp is effectively devoid of THC. This is the reason that it’s even legal to produce and sell to the general public in the first place. Dr. Gupta incorrectly stated that these products have had the THC removed. The fact of the matter is that they never had any significant amount of THC, to begin with, because they are not made from marijuana.

When it comes to educating the viewing audience about the benefits of CBD, the show fell far short. Although Dr. Gupta briefly mentioned “receptors” as a target for CBD, and mentioned some of the symptoms that might be relieved by taking CBD oil such as pain and anxiety, he gave no additional information on how CBD works to achieve this spectacularly wide variety of medicinal effects. Even a quick explanation of the endocannabinoid system and how cannabinoids work would have been helpful in painting the broader picture.

Rather than take the time to explain the workings of the ECS, the show focused on certain issues that pretty much apply to any product, such as the fact that some companies make inferior products and some are overpriced. Rather than encouraging consumers to do their homework and find a reputable CBD oil company that provides high-quality products that are a good value, viewers were told that “consumers are better off saving their money.” Woah.

The Truth About CBD Oil

Frankly, we can’t overstate how much we believe that this statement is a huge disservice to those whose suffering might be eased by the use of a quality CBD oil product. It’s especially shocking considering that Dr. Gupta, a well respected medical professional, believes that CBD does, indeed, have medicinal benefits. He must be aware that there are good companies like Diamond CBD that produce high-quality products.

This level of misinformation on such a popular media outlet is a symptom of a much wider problem which is the decades-long demonization of a plant that is far safer and often more effective than prescription drugs at treating certain ailments. Apparently, it can take decades to bring someone to their senses once they’ve been corrupted with “Reefer Madness” fears. However, the truth can’t be kept down forever.

So, if you’re someone who thinks for yourself, and who wants to decide for yourself whether or not hemp CBD oil products can benefit you, we invite you to try our lines of high-quality CBD oils, CBD-infused edibles and topicals, and CBD vape liquids for yourself.

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