March 6, 2018

How About a Nice CBD Oil Massage?

Who doesn’t like a massage? What could possibly be better than a nice, relaxing, stress-busting massage? How about a massage with Diamond CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil! Trust us. These oils really take a massage to a whole new level.

Why a CBD Oil Massage?

Massages are meant to do what, exactly? Think hard; we’ll wait… 

That’s right. Massages are meant to relieve stress and relax us.

What a coincidence! The vast majority of people who use CBD say they use it for the very same reasons! How serendipitous is that? (Yeah, I don’t know what that means either!)

Another reason massages are good for you is that the oil used for lubrication in many massage techniques is a fantastic skin moisturizer. Almond oil, for example, is a commonly used massage oil.

Many formulations of CBD oil use hemp seed oil as a base. Want to know something amazing about hemp seed oil? It’s one of the most nutritious oils on earth. Seriously!

Hemp seed oil contains the most unsaturated oils, the best essential fatty acids ratio, the most amino acids, is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and, as far as we know, is the only vegetable oil that contains vitamin D.

What’s The Best CBD Oil To Use For A Massage?

Diamond CBD’s new Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil is simply ideal for this purpose. It’s formulated from CBD-rich hemp extract and cold-pressed hemp seed oil, with some vitamin E thrown in for extra benefits.

What we recommend is that you add a dose of Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil into your favorite massage oil and mix it in real good. It really doesn't take much. A little goes a long way, as they say. Then simply massage —or be massaged —as usual.

Whether you’re giving or receiving, grab yourself some Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil. Give it to your masseuse or masseur and ask him or her to use it on you. Or spread some on your significant other for a serene and sensuous experience. Either way, you’ll be doing a body some good.