June 5, 2018

Get Up And Go With Daily Boost CBD Oil!

Take a shot with the latest product from our CBD oil collection, our brand new Daily Boost CBD oil. They’re the all-new, single-serving CBD pick-me-up for the busy professional, the over-scheduled mom, the high-wired entrepreneur, or for anyone who burns the midnight oil.

Sure, CBD gummies are fun, and CBD vaping is relaxing. And, of course, who doesn’t enjoy the fine art of rolling their own CBD Fatty every once-in-awhile? But when the real world calls you back, you need something quick. With Daily Boost CBD oil, a get-up-and-go shot of CBD follows you right out the door to anywhere you need to be, whether it’s the morning meeting or soccer practice.

Designed to fit into any busy schedule, Daily Boost CBD oil is a unique, one-of-a-kind product on the market today.

A Discreet, Single-Serve Shot

Daily Boost CBD oil comes in an easy to carry syringe, which also makes it simple to use — all while being discreet. But don’t worry, it’s nothing like a shot at the doctor’s office.

In fact, using Daily Boost CBD oil is simple. You just place a shot under your tongue, hold it for thirty seconds, and then swallow. That really is all it takes! The best part is, Daily Boost CBD oil travels well. It can fit comfortably in your bag or purse. Plus, it’s disposable, which makes it one of our easiest to use products yet!

Variety, On-The-Go

And while it’s simple to use, Daily Boost CBD oil is anything but bland. Available in four different strengths, this sublingual tincture explodes with flavor under the tongue, quickly absorbing all of the benefits of CBD. The four CBD oil strengths include:

And the flavors are what you’ve come to know and love from Diamond CBD. We have everything from Pineapple Express OG to Strawberry, Blue Dream, Watermelon, Sour Kush, and more. Of course, it’s the same 100 percent all-natural CBD made from advanced processes and top-quality extracts that has made Diamond CBD number one among CBD retailers.

Take A Shot

Whether you’re running off to the next meeting, dropping the kids off at the next event, or working late to start your business, Daily Boost CBD oil will bring you where you’re going. So take a shot with Daily Boost CBD oil, our latest single-serving CBD pick-me-up.