January 8, 2019

Diamond CBD Makes History At CES 2019

For the past 50 years, the CES in Las Vegas has served as the world’s proving ground for innovators and breakthrough consumer technologies. It’s the place where everything from the VCR, to the camcorder to the Xbox has been unveiled.

This week, it will see another first — an interactive CBD dispensing booth.

Diamond CBD will make history by being the first and only CBD brand to be present at the world famous tech trade show. We teamed up with CloudPay Technologies to distribute our innovative hemp-based CBD products via an ultra-modern, touchscreen-powered vending machine that is sure to create an engaging, user-friendly experience for all visitors.

In other words, we’re creating the future of CBD

CES participants looking to relax and satisfy their sweet tooth will be happy to stop by our booth, where they can choose with an assorted display of CBD-infused gummy bears, sour snakes, honey sticks and other CBD edibles. It’s a tasty opportunity to glimpse not only into the future of wellness but also the future of retail.

Analysts agree that increased consumer spending and increased acceptance of cashless payments are helping to fuel the growth of the vending machine market to a tune of $21 billion in sales in 2017 alone. An estimated 31 percent of vending machines now offer a cashless reader, including the one that will be showcased by Diamond CBD at CES.

Diamond CBD Makes History At CES 2019

CBD and Wellness Cross Paths With Technology

CES is not just about cool gadgets and modern day toys. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, CES has also become a space for influential business leaders and pioneering thinkers to discuss how new technology can be applied to solve the world’s most pressing needs. With the public increasingly looking for solutions around health, CES has become an important space to see the intersection of wellness and technology.

The future of healthcare is a hot topic at this year’s conference, with several panel discussions centered on how different products can help individuals and institutions lead healthier lives. Panel discussions planned as part of the event’s Digital Health Summit will explore how transformations brought about by retail shifts and advances in everything from genomics to clinical sensors present both a moral and economic opportunity to do good.

While some products in the exhibitor hall look to help consumers reach their fitness goals quicker, others are just tools to better manage conditions that directly and indirectly affect the quality of life. Wearable technologies also hold out the promise of being able to track and store important health indicators, allowing consumers to analyze how much progress they are achieving with lifestyle changes and choices.