April 3, 2018

CBD Oil Tastes of Springtime

Baseball. Lemonade. Sunshine. Flowers —beautiful, sweet smelling flowers. The sounds and smells and tastes of springtime are all around us now. It means fresh, warm air, and long days outside enjoying the sunshine.

It had us thinking, what are the best flavors of CBD oil and CBD edibles to remind you of spring? You know, those can’t miss CBD flavors that remind you that the sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the grass is growing.

Now that the cold days of winter are finally gone let’s take a look at some of Diamond CBD’s best springtime flavors to help gear you up for the season. It’s the perfect way to welcome in the spring.

Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Diamond CBD Oil

Springtime is the perfect mix of sour and sweet, and so is our Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Diamond CBD Oil. It’s the perfect refreshing way to enjoy a spring afternoon in the backyard, with the sun shining and a cool spring breeze blowing in the air.

You can place a few drops of this premium CBD-infused hemp oil tincture under your tongue, or you can enjoy a nice refreshing vape outdoors. 

Strawberry n Creme Flavor Blue CBD Crystal Isolate

What’s spring without some of the best, most refreshing treats out there, like the classic strawberries and creme? With Diamond CBD’s Strawberry n Creme Flavor Blue CBD Crystal Isolate it’s a taste of springtime without all of the calories!

Crystal Isolate is pure CBD without any of the other plant extracts or cannabinoids mixed in, making it a pure, all-natural experience. Add in the strawberry n creme flavor, and you’re all set to enjoy an early spring evening, alone or with friends, with one of the tastiest, most sinful springtime flavors out there. Strawberry n Creme Flavor Blue CBD Crystal Isolate is springtime in a bottle.

Liquid Gold (Vape Liquid) 5ml - Jungle Juice

Looking for springtime with a little kick —something a bit more on the wild side? Liquid Gold  Jungle Juice vape liquid is everything you remember about spring —the sweet, fruity flavors, mixed in a delicious, sweet, fruity vape. It’s springtime for the cool kids.

It’s convenient and easy to enjoy our delicious vape juice. Just add it to your vaporizer, and you are good to go. A mixed berry sensation, Liquid Gold (Vape Liquid) 5ml - Jungle Juice is definitely not springtime the way grandma remembers it.

100 Pack CBD Honey Sticks

Of course, what’s springtime without the sound of bees buzzing (both literally and metaphorically) and the sweet taste of honey that follows? With 100 Pack CBD Honey Sticks, you can take the taste of spring with you wherever you go. These on-the-go sticks are great to add to a cup of tea or to flavor your salad —anything you can think of really!

Diamond’s CBD Honey Sticks are each infused with 10mg of pure natural organic CBD. They are all-natural to the nth degree.  You can enjoy one of these sticks any time of day as the perfect way to welcome spring.

OG Kush Terpenes Diamond CBD Oil

A different kind of springtime flavor, OG Kush Terpenes Diamond CBD Oil takes you back to when you were a bit younger, sneaking off with your friends to enjoy that OG Kush in the warm sunshine. A cool, relaxing, fun, flavor, OG Kush is an old-school springtime taste that everyone remembers.

Terpenes, of course, are the most important part of a plant’s essential oils. They’re what give the oil its scent and flavor Diamond CBD products never contain THC. They do, however, bring you back to those springtime days of your youth…