Dabs. They’re not just for stoners anymore. Dabbing with CBD concentrate is becoming quite popular for its non-psychotropic, fast-acting effects, high bioavailability, and exact dosing.

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What is dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of vaporizing or smoking pure CBD crystals. Dabbing involves using a device similar to a bong called a dab rig. A typical dab rig consists of the following parts:

  • Water pipe
  • Nail (glass, ceramic, quartz, titanium, or electric)
  • Dome
  • Torch
  • Dab tool

The nail isn’t what it sounds like. It’s the part that gets heated using the torch. Think of it as the equivalent to a bowl. Nails come in a variety of materials, but the most recommended are quartz and titanium. The dome is used to cover the nail and trap the CBD vapor. The dab tool, also sometimes called a wand, is used to scoop up the CBD and place it into the nail.

To use a dab rig, the nail is heated using a handheld torch until it’s red hot and then allowed to cool slightly. The torches that restaurants use to make creme brulee work just fine. They’re handy and easy to use. Once the nail is heated, a small amount of extract is placed inside it. It should instantly vaporize allowing it to be inhaled. Place the dome over the bowl to keep the vapor from escaping. Dab rigs produce a strong and smooth hit. (If you don’t like the idea of using a torch, you can also use an electronic nail.)

What are the benefits of dabbing?

Dabbing with CBD provides the highest bioavailability

Dabbing nearly doubles the bioavailability of the CBD compared to edibles. This is because edibles have to pass through your digestive system and liver, where some of the CBD is either trapped in fatty tissues or expelled.

Dabbing with CBD delivers an exact dose

CBD dabs contain CBD concentrate and nothing else. There’s no question about how much CBD you are consuming. If you dab 25 mg of CBD you get 25 mg of CBD in your system. Everyone’s digestive system works differently, but lungs tend to be fairly consistent. Using methods other than dabbing makes it harder to accurately measure how much of the CBD will enter your system.

Dabbing with CBD avoids additives

When dabbing with pure crystalline CBD, the user knows exactly what they are putting into their body. CBD dabs are generally sold in a solid form such as crystals or crumble. As opposed to CBD vape juices, which contain oil bases, CBD dabs are usually very close to pure CBD.

Dabbing CBD delivers fast effects

There’s no faster way to get CBD circulating in your system than dabbing. When consuming CBD products such as CBD oil or CBD edibles orally, there is a lag time between dosing and feeling the effects (although the effects of edibles may last longer). Dabbing, on the other hand, provides almost instantaneous effects as the CBD vapor enters directly into your bloodstream via membranes in the lungs.

Dabbing CBD can help determine dosage in other forms

Even if you would prefer to use edibles, dabbing can help you determine a dosage that will deliver the effects you want. Once the dosage is known, then you can get a better idea of how much edibles to consume. Start small and dab a small amount, 5 mg for example, and note the effects over the next couple hours. If more is needed the amount can be increased on the next dose and repeated until the desired dosage is reached. To effectively consume the same amount of CBD in edibles you will have to double that dosage, due to the difference in bioavailability.  Eating 50 mg worth of CBD gummies or brownies would provide approximately the same effect as dabbing 25 mg of CBD concentrate.

Which CBD dabs to choose?

Diamond CBD offers 3 kinds of dabs: crumble dabs, crystal dabs, and rock dabs. For best results when dabbing, we recommend you use the rock dabs, but any of the 3 products will work just fine in a dab rig.

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