August 25, 2017

11 Ways To Spread Joy with Diamond CBD Cake Pops

Sweet tooths of the world, rejoice! Cue the confetti and balloons! Release the doves! Sound the trumpets! Throw away your crumpets! Diamond CBD Cake Pops have arrived!

Cake and pops are a perfect match. As if you needed a reason to love Cake Pops, we’re baking our top-quality, all-natural CBD right into them.

Diamond CBD Cake Pops are a great way to get your CBD and eat it too. Each CBD Cake Pop is composed of a soft vanilla flavored cream within a chocolate cookie dough covering encased by sweet dip icing. As well, these delicious pops come covered in white sprinkles and infused with 30mg of pure CBD.

Feeling crumby? Need something yummy to lift you up, but don’t feel like baking? Don’t fret. We’ve done all the egg cracking and flower sifting for you to bring you one of the most scrumpdileicious and naturally nutritious CBD Cake Pops on the market.

Can Cake Pops really be good for you? Let’s just say our CBD Cake Pops are far better for you than the ones you find on the counter at the gas station. Sure, they have a little sugar in them. But here’s some science to ease your guilty pleasure: Blood sugar is naturally regulated by endocannabinoids (cannabinoids created by your own body). CBD is a phytocannabinoid - one that’s created by a plant, specifically cannabis, and more specifically, in our case, hemp, and even more specifically, organically grown CBD-rich hemp.

As if having CBD in them weren’t enough of a reason to get some of our CBD Cake Pops, here are 15 ways to use Diamond CBD Cake Pops.

11 Ways To Use Diamond CBD Cake Pops

1. Party favors

Throwing a bash? Your guests will love you even more if you give them CBD Cake Pops. And if no one comes to your party, you can have your cake and eat it too.

2. Stocking stuffers

Watch their eyes light up on Christmas morning as they reach into their stockings and pull out Cake Pops! But not just any Cake Pops - CBD Cake Pops! The kind of Cake Pops that you eat when you’re having a hectic day. (You know, like, the entire holiday season.)

3. Trail snack

Take a hike. Bring some CBD Cake Pops for you and your friends. They’re light. They don’t take up much room in your backpack. And they’re way better to look forward to than a Power Bar.

4. Dessert

Rather than reaching for that box of Oreos before you hit the couch to chill with your favorite TV show, grab yourself a CBD Cake Pop. It’s on a stick, so you won’t get the remote sticky.

5. Midnight snack

Put back that pint of Ben & Jerry’s. It will give you nightmares. Chill out with a CBD Cake Pop before bed instead. Sweet dreams!

6. Tea time

Crumpets are for squares. How about tea and CBD Cake Pops, instead?

7. Coffee time

Coffee and donuts? Bag the donuts and enjoy a treat that actually gets you fired up instead of weighing you down.

8. Travel snack

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, travel is exhausting. Take along some CBD Cake Pops to munch on when you need to refuel.

9. Make your coworkers like you

Bradley might have brought pizza, but you brought CBD Cake Pops.

10. Baby Shower

Who could possibly know a baby’s taste in clothing? Get the mom-to-be CBD Cake Pops instead of another pair of adorable booties.

11. Pre-or-post-workout treat

You burned some calories at the gym. You deserve a treat. Keep a CBD Cake Pop in the car for the ride home.

There you have it. Just a few of the life hacks made possible by CBD Cake Pops.

Wanna live a long, healthy, happy life? Diamond CBD Cake Pops take the “death” out of “death by chocolate.” No. We’re kidding, of course. But seriously, you’re going to love our Diamond CBD Cake pops.