10 Reasons Healthy People Use CBD

Posted on December 26, 2017

Prevention is the best cure. There’s no sense in waiting until you’re sick to get turned on to CBD when you can use it now to improve your health.

CBD products are very convenient and easy to use and can be used daily without harmful effects. CBD can be consumed orally, as with CBD oils or CBD-infused edibles, via inhalation using vape pens, or on your skin using CBD topical skin creams.

It doesn’t take a lot of CBD to experience benefits. A commonly cited daily dose for health maintenance is about 25 milligrams. So a product such as a CBD oil which contains 1,000 milligrams of CBD should last about 40 days when used as a daily supplement.

It seems every week there’s another scientific study claiming that CBD is beneficial for health, but here are 10 good reasons that health and wellness experts commonly give for using CBD as a daily dietary supplement:

1) CBD could keep your heart healthy. Inflammation is a major cause of heart disease, which is the number one killer in the US. Your body also uses a lot of resources to fight inflammation, causing a drag on your immune system. The less you allow inflammation in your body, the healthier you’ll be, and the longer you’ll stay healthy.

2) CBD may protect your brain. Millions of Americans develop diseases such as Alzheimer's that cause brain degeneration. CBD may actually keep our brains healthy as we get older.

3) CBD might make you more chill. A lot of people suffer from anxiety but don’t realize it or think of it as an illness. They consider it an emotional response to the stresses of life. But anxiety has many bodily causes, effects bodily functions, and has physical avenues for treatment. Many people use CBD to mitigate the day-to-day stresses that can lead to anxiety or make it worse. Vaping is a great way to chill out when you're feeling anxious.

4) CBD could keep you pain-free. Pain is often associated with inflammation. CBD is widely considered to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, as stated above. CBD may also be a player in the regulation of pain response. Many people who use CBD daily as a dietary supplement report having fewer aches and pains in general.

5) CBD may delay or prevent diabetes. Studies have shown that CBD helps to repress diabetes in mice. Although you should still eat sensibly and get lots of exercise, adding CBD to your daily regimen may help to thwart or delay adult-onset diabetes. Check out our article on CBD and diabetes.

6) CBD may be good for your gut. Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout your digestive system, and cannabinoid deficiencies have been associated with gut ailments such as IBD, Crohn's, and Colitis. In fact, the human race has been using cannabis orally for millennia to treat everything from stomach aches to constipation.

7) CBD could prevent bacterial infections. CBD has been shown to have antibacterial properties. Making CBD part of your daily diet may reduce the incidence of bacterial infections.

8) CBD promotes bone growth. Recent studies have shown that CBD helps to promote bone growth and healing. Stronger bones means less risk of fractures. This is extremely important as you get older, because recovery from a broken bone can start a downward spiral to poor health due to lack of exercise and use of opioid-based pain medications that can cause life-threatening addictions.

9) CBD regulates sleep patterns. CBD has been shown to regulate sleeping patterns, which helps users to sleep better at night, and be more alert and focused during the daytime. Better sleep is a foundation of good health. A good night’s sleep gives you increased energy, it helps your brain work better, and it has a long list of other health benefits. A few drops before bedtime, and sweet dreams!

10) CBD could keep you looking young. CBD oil can be used topically to keep skin looking young. Check out our article entitled, “CBD Hemp Oil for Skin Treatment.” And, although our skin creams are developed for people who need pain relief, they have a long list of herbal ingredients that are great for your skin.

So there you have it. It's a no-brainer. Share this article with someone you love, then grab yourself some Diamond CBD oil and pop a few drops each night before bed. Or maybe you prefer gummies. Either way, check out the plethora of options available at Diamond CBD.