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Customer Reviews

November 20, 2022
Emily R.
These shrooms help a lot with pain. I really like taking them in the mail evening.
November 10, 2022
Laurie V.
Love all of the products I’ve ordered. This one is quicker to act. Will definitely continue to order
November 8, 2022
Amado H.
Regarding the Shrooms HHC, love them. Nice, relaxing effect. One gummie is all it takes to help relax and still able to do things and enjoy the evening.

Regarding Diamond CBD, first time ordering and it definitely won't be my last. The quality of both products purchased is fantastic. The shipping was incredibly fast and the packaging was unbelievably great.

Thank yo
November 7, 2022
Annette F.
Excellent product! Excellent customer service Fast service and everything you need.
October 25, 2022
Jade S.
I have mixed feelings about this product but am rating a 5-star because it's finally the first CBD edible to have a decent effect on me. Mostly I've tried CBD oils and varying types and they all just make me feel sleepy, lazy, and irritable. Bad combo, right? I end up just crashing and swearing never to try CBD again. Ah, but then I came across these. Okay, I'll bite.
Wow... So, yeah, pleasant floaty feeling, and my body is nice and warm despite how cold it may be outside. I notice it raises my libido like crazy but have yet to experience acting on this while it's happening. Then either my brain ruins it, or something, but I get a little paranoid about my breathing and heart rate. I feel like I'm about to pass out, and believe me, I'm so relaxed, I WANT to pass out but then my brain goes WAIT. As otherworldly as everything is feeling right now, of all things, my brain is concerned I may go to sleep and not wake up cause my soul floated out of my body into another universe... on accident, obviously. So yeah, uh, more journal entries on the experiences I have with this edible need to be written. Truly, I think these gummies are just telling me to effing relax for once.

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