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Shop the hottest cannabinoids that are 501mg - 750mg total, perfect for anyone looking for something very strong.  
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I take these for pain management, not for a euphoric feeling. These produce a slightly woozy, disconnected feeling. And when they are at there strongest, I can’t concentrate enough to carry on a conversation. Which is not at all unpleasant, and may actually help with the pain too, but I couldn’t take these during the day when I have to work, and I certainly wouldn’t drive this way, although I am not impaired enough that I can’t play video games!
I am in my 50's and was having trouble staying asleep or going back to sleep, after a middle of the night bathroom call. This helps tremendously! I sleep well and go back to sleep after my bathroom break. I don't have medicine head, when I get up either. Note, I usually get about 7 hours of sleep a night. I would recommend.
These seem to be working well, I'm actually able to take them during the day without any negative side effects, just a nice calm feeling. These do not give you the munchies like other Delta 9 gummies do.

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