Recover - Superior Hemp To Help You Heal 

Soothe your aches with the Recover collection of premium CBD oils, edibles, and creams. Explore CBD formulas to help you rest and recuperate with the right relief.

Customer Reviews

September 23, 2022
Eric W.
I’ll keep ordering this cream until they stop making it. Its absolutely amazing how quickly it helps to alleviates my back and feet pain. Great stuff!!!
September 22, 2022
Eric W.
I’ve bought this cream before and it works miracles on my arthritis in my feet and my DISH in my back. Its absolutely the best for my chronic pain.
September 21, 2022
Janet D.
It helps so much with my arthritis
September 20, 2022
Michaelene M.
This product takes the pain away in my neck and my lower back. My right arm and down the sides of my legs. It's a great product for the sale price. Diamond CBD has lots of sales I buy this product when it is on sale. This product is rolled on and can last any where from 12-24 hours of pain relief.
September 17, 2022
Judy F.
My husband and I both use the 2500 mg cream. It is awesome! I have actually gone a couple of days without it to see if it makes a difference and it does. My pain in my knee was very noticeable, but after using the cream…what an improvement.
Can’t live without it and neither does my husband. He uses it on his back and hands.

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