Sour Diesel Flavor CBD Fatty

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6 reviews

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The Sour Diesel CBD Fatty is a smokable, pre-rolled CBD infused herb stick / joint featuring 100mg of extreme CBD strength with Sour Diesel flavor. Take this king sized smokable CBD herb stick on the … Read more

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Total CBD

100 mg

Weight/ Volume

8.3 g


1.20 mg/g

Key Facts

With 100mg of Full Spectrum CBD

The Sour Diesel CBD Fatty is a smokable, pre-rolled CBD infused herb stick / joint featuring 100mg of extreme CBD strength with Sour Diesel flavor. Take this king sized smokable CBD herb stick on the go anywhere to enjoy alone or with company.

This product contains 100% natural dry herbs and has no THC.

Dry herbs, terpene, and industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD).

Love it
It is a great product and it smells and tastes great I look forward to seeing and stronger doses in the future but iam very satisfied with the product
This is one of the best cbd products.
Hands down. Flavor is 5 stars. I bought diamond out of these.
Good smoke and very relaxing
Hope there's a Purple Haze Fatty on the horizon and not just available in Herb form.

Common Questions

Is Delta-8 Legal?

The sale and distribution of Delta 8 products may currently be impermissible in certain states and subject to change in any state.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that any purchaser contact and consult legal counsel licensed in that particular jurisdiction for a legal opinion.

Is the mg quantity of my CBD products accurate?

Although every effort is exerted for consistency, the milligram content of cannabidiol in any product is an approximation that may vary slightly.  All batches are based upon formulations that may be inconsistent in each bottle, package or other product delivery method.  Please check laboratory test results for an exact amount to determine proper dosage.

My Isolate CBD product came crystalized, what should I do?

Isolate cannabidiol tends to naturally crystallize which consumers should expect when purchasing those types of products. This affects the even distribution of cannabidiol milligrams contained in that item.  To more evenly activate the cannabidiol molecules, the product should be slightly heated by placing the product into a warm surrounding such as a warm bowl of water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  Shake well and enjoy.

Is CBD Oil legal?

Yes, CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states. The Agricultural Act of 2018, also known as The Farm Bill, gave every state the power to grow and cultivate hemp and its byproducts, including CBD.

What type of CBD products do you have?

We offer everything you could want in the CBD market, including CBD oil, CBD pet products, CBD edibles, CBD drinks, CBD lotions and creams, and CBD vapes. Within these categories, we have hundreds of products, including gummies, capsules, creams, and more, to provide you with seemingly endless product options for your business needs.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural constituent of hemp that has become for many the preferred product of choice because it does not cause any psychotropic effects.