New and improved formula, now with more CBD! Liquid Gold CBD Vaping Pen with delicious Strawberry flavored e-liquid is the ready-to-use CBD liquid vaping stick that’s a great alternative to CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD edibles and smoking.

The Liquid Gold CBD Oil Vaping Pen comes is charged up, ready to go and good for up to 200 Puffs. Use it to vape CBD anywhere you go, Liquid Gold CBD Vape Tank Jungle Juice e-liquid is a convenient and effective way to benefit from CBD. Our CBD liquid vape tanks are made with CBD oil from organic hemp.

When you want the best portable, disposable pens for vaping, go for the gold… Liquid Gold Vaping Pens.

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1 ml

Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol, USP grade Vegetable Glycerin, and Artificial Flavoring


Customer Reviews

Works great for my insomnia and knee pain. It really helps.
so good, i immediately bought three more. smooth and clean. small hits for daily maintenance and one biggie for bed time.
Eat a few gummies and puff on this and all is good in the world. The tase is delicious.
I decided to try this product because, as an older person now, my body can no longer handle excessive alcohol consumption and I have outgrown my desire to smoke pot. I was looking to try something that would mellow me out, but not get me high (or drunk) - and so fsr, this little pen seems to be working out nicely for this purpose. I would also like to point out, though, that I do not 'indulge' in this CBD stuff every day, but I want to have it there at those times when I may want to have it. I like a little wine every now and again; I also like nicotine in small doses (vaping only by a trusted brand, like Vuse) but I won't go near weed (even though it is now legal in my state), or opioids (can't really get them anyway). I have bursitis in my left shoulder that acts up from time to time, so when it gets pretty feisty I am going to try a few puffs of this vaping pen and see how it goes. I would highly recommend trying this product to those looking for a healthier, more toned-down alternative to pot (or other, more dangerous drugs), or to those who have recurring physical pain somewhere and are looking to try something new. I definitely plan on keeping this product on my 'get-it-again' list!
Love it

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