Hemp Delight Hemp Flower CBD is the original way to enjoy the full-bodied, full-spectrum flavor of cannabinoids and terpenes that only CBD has to offer. And nothing says original like Sour Diesel, the legendary, invigorating, old-school herb that instills a dream-like state-of-mind. Now you can have the pungent, fast-acting, long-lasting herb that you remember, bred into potent hemp flower CBD.

Our all-natural hemp flower CBD can be enjoyed like a traditional bud for maximum effect, alone or with a group of friends. Practical users looking to tease out the plant’s terpenes and other compounds may prefer to use a dry herb vape, which allows for dosage control and quicker onset time. 

Hemp Delight Sour Diesel Hemp Flower is pure, all-natural full-spectrum CBD. It’s lab-tested to ensure quality and contains 100% naturally-grown hemp flower with no THC. 

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Hemp Delight Hemp Flower - Sour Diesel (HTSOUR)
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