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CBD Infused Honey Sticks - Apple Flavor - 1000mg (100 Pack)



CBD Apple Honey Sticks (Honey Infused CBD 10mg CBD per stick) are the delicious way to get high quality CBD oil and natural honey. Made from industrial CBD hemp oil (cannabidiol) and free of THC, this CBD honey stick is an alternative to edibles, CBD tinctures or CBD pills.

Delicious CBD Apple Honey Sticks provide the perfect way to get your CBD anywhere. This sweet treat is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, whether eaten directly or put in a hot tea. Coming in a pack of 100, each stick is infused with 10mg of pure CBD hemp oil harvested from organic industrial hemp plants.

CBD Infused Honey Sticks are composed of CBD oil and all natural honey.

Get CBD Apple Honey Sticks Honey Infused CBD 10mg [100-pack]...the sweetest way to take your CBD.

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Honey, artificial flavoring, & CBD (cannabidiol).

Customer Reviews

The CBD Infused Honey Sticks were better than I expected. With full spectrum CBD and no added Melatonin in them you get full pain relief and no drowsiness. I have arthritis in my left thumb, left hip and occasional pain in my right hip from a full hip replacement. One of these Honey Sticks every two or three days is enough to give me relief from the pain, and if I need more because of strenuous activities (or just extra yard work) taking one every day isn't a problem because there are no side effects. After trying them I bough more (because they were on sale). These Honey Stick have outdone any CBD oils or tinctures that I have tried from Diamond CBD or local dispensaries (and I have tried quite a few). They are my new go to. I even keep a jar at work "just in case", like you would keep a bottle of aspirin or Ibuprofen.

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