CBD Honey Pots are the perfect way to get your daily dose of CBD. Enjoy snack time and quickly experience the  sweet benefits of CBD so you can optimize your health and wellness routine.  Mix a spoonful of of our  blueberry-flavored, CBD-infused honey with your morning coffee, afternoon tea or even as a delicious addition to your smoothies and juices. Bee Healthy with CBD Honey Pots!

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CBD Infused Honey Pot - Apple Flavor - 250mg
CBD Infused Honey Pot - Blueberry Flavor - 250mg
40 ml

Honey, artificial flavoring, & CBD (cannabidiol).

Customer Reviews

This honey is just plain addictive!!!!!!
Great stuff.. I use it in my CBD tea..
In the middle of the night, hubby drizzles this on multigrain bread when his blood sugar dips. He likes that it helps him go back to bed and to sleep without laying awake worrying about niggling things.
Great to sweeten your coffee

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