January 25, 2018

Independent Lab Reports Confirms Diamond CBD Products Contain Zero Synthetics

In light of recent claims that Diamond CBD products contain synthetic cannabinoids, as well as other dubious ingredient claims, we put our products to the test. Literally. By sending them to the highly-reputable,100% independent Drug Detection Laboratories, Inc. You can read about them by clicking through their name. And we are proud to say the results of this 3rd party Lab are in.

Drumroll please.

Because their independent results confirm beyond a doubt our products contain noillicit drugs or synthetic cannabinoids.

We’ve always been honest and forthright in our ingredient claims, but given some trolling attacks online, we wanted you to hear the truth from someone else, completely independent of us.

We 100% assure you that our candy is synthetic drug-free... as are our oils, concentrates, vape products, and creams. Diamond CBD uses only 100% natural THC-free CBD derived from hemp.

Below you will find links about our most popular products. As we have 100s of products, we will continue to update this list as new Lab Reports come in, we simply started with our best sellers. Keep checking here to keep getting updated.

As a further step into proving our claims and providing you with 1,000% transparency, we will also be submitting our product line to a SECOND 3rd party independent lab. As soon as that process is over, we will also share those results with you here.

In addition, whenever we do a lab report for a product, it will show up on that product's page under the Lab Report tab.

Read the report in their own words. See the results with your own eyes. And Relax and Chill knowing we only use what we say.

Here are our independent 3rd party Lab Reports showing no synthetic drugs:

Blue CBD

Chongs Choice Vape Additive

Honey Stick

Lawrence Taylor Pain Master Oil

Meds Biotech Gummies

Relax Gummies

Relax Liquid

Liquid Gold Vape Additive

Liquid Gold Strawberry Vape Refill

CBD Shot

CBD Fatty Herb Stick

Diamond CBD Gummies

Diamond CBD Vape Additive

Diamond CBD Oil

CBD Chill Plus Gummies

CBD Chill Gummies