Balance - Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids for Homeostasis 

Explore the Balance collection of premium CBD oils, edibles, and creams. Discover a range of delicious, natural options to help you get back to your peaceful center.

Customer Reviews

September 24, 2022
Anthony S.
Absolutely amazing CBD infused coffee and tea. It really does help. Takes the edge off arthritis pain and makes my life so much easier.
September 8, 2022
Maryellen A.
Great taste, perfect amount of energy and no munchies at the end. The strength is perfect for doing chores that need to be done and then eat normally- just until you feel comfortable. Will recommend to my friends.
September 3, 2022
Tricia P.
I enjoy it very much.The smell is wonderful.
August 23, 2022
Patricia K.
I was amazed at how well these worked! I don't have any idea how they were able to isolate and remove whatever it's called that causes a person to have the munchies. But they did it! I started eating two of them in the morning. I noticed that they weren't lasting into the evening. I changed and now have one in the morning and another from noon to mid-afternoon. That worked much better for me. I like to have a little something in the evening. Occasionally even later in the evening than anyone should eat. Taking the second one this way, I don't even think about food in the evening. I'm soooo happy Diamond is carrying these! Try them. I don't think you'll be disappointed!!
August 15, 2022
Anthony S.
I have been drinking the Chill CBD coffee and tea for several years now. I first tried it for pain.. It really helped "me" with arthritis pain and stiffness. Now after some time of drinking it almost every day I notice how much of a calming effect it has on me. Hard to imagine a day without it now. I am really glad the cost has come down a bit.. I was worried for a while that I would not be able to afford to keep buying it. Thank you.

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