April 4, 2018

Talking To Your Doctor About CBD

We answer a lot of great questions about CBD oil here at Diamond CBD:

Does CBD show up on drug tests?

What’s The Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD Oils and Crystal Isolate?

Can CBD make you smarter?

(And we have a lot of great products too! Chill Gummies, Daily Boost CBD, The Honey Pot... but more about that later.)

And we love answering those questions because we know a lot about CBD. Heck, it’s right there in our name!

But there is one set of questions to which we don’t have the answer —medical questions.

When it comes to medical questions —especially your personal medical questions —we always encourage you to have a conversation with your doctor or a medical professional. In fact, should you ask us, we will always refer you to your doctor and never answer any medical questions.


Your doctor knows your body and your health history. We think you would agree with us when we say that medical advice is best left up to medical professionals. After all, you wouldn’t ask your doctor how to roll a Fatty? (unless you have a really cool doctor!)

MindBodyGreen recently asked a few doctors about CBD. One doctor they interviewed, Bindiya Gandhi, had a number of great things to say about cannabidiol.

But the most important thing she said, “Talk to your doctor if this is a good alternative and to see if CBD is right for you.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Here at Diamond CBD, our customers are our number one priority. That’s why we truly believe that the conversations we have about CBD should go beyond salesmanship to include doctors and other medical professionals. It’s the reason we leave medical questions to the professionals.

So, whether it’s a classic like Chill gummies or our pharmacist-formulated Meds Biotech brand, we’re here to help in any way possible. But, remember. When it comes to medical questions, always ask your doctor.

And if he or she knows how to roll a nice big Fatty, well, please, do share!