November 7, 2017

How To Find the Highest Quality CBD

A lot of our customers originally found our CBD oil when searching for the best CBD available. We're proud to not disappoint them!

CBD oil is becoming more widely accepted with each passing day. However, because the popularity of CBD is growing so fast, the potential to make a quick profit is also attracting shady businesses around globe hoping to cash in on the boom.

We always recommend using the best CBD products possible, especially when using it therapeutically. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you shop for CBD.

The Source & the Strain

As with anything, CBD quality greatly depends on its source—that is, where it was grown— and the strain of hemp it was extracted from. How the CBD hemp is grown is actually the most important factor, and knowing the source and the strain will tell you a lot about how well it is grown. Hemp can easily be grown using completely organic methods, but some manufacturers opt for cheaper and less healthy farming and production methods and choose to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that can end up in the final product. Extracts produced in the US tend to be much higher quality and safer than products produced in China where regulations are significantly more lax. Do some research and see where the brand you are considering buying gets their extract.

Here at Diamond CBD, we use only high-quality, naturally grown hemp.

Petroleum-Free Processing

To obtain CBD—the kind you can get over the counter—the compound needs to be extracted from hemp, which can be done in a variety of ways. To produce top-quality, CBD-rich products, a safe and organic extraction method should be used, such as supercritical CO2 (liquid carbon dioxide).

The older, Petroleum-based extraction methods are very inexpensive to perform but can leave behind toxic solvents such as propane, hexane, pentane, and butane, none of which you want in your system. Even small amounts of residues can compromise the immune system. That’s very counterproductive for a product that’s supposed to be medicinal.

All of Diamond CBDs products are made with CBD extracted using supercritical CO2 which leaves zero toxic residues.

Check Independent 3rd-Party Lab Results

Many reputable CBD manufacturers supply independent lab results for every batch they produce. Some do not. A company that sends their products out to be tested for quality, toxins, pesticides, mold, etc., and provides those results on their website, is more likely a company you can trust.

Diamond CBD's products use certified contaminant-free CBD with no artificial ingredients. Check out our lab results.

Other Ingredients

Many products are made by combining CBD with other ingredients. Make sure you check what’s in the products you’re considering. Avoid products with chemical additives. 

Diamond CBD is a brand you can trust to always provide high-quality CBD. Our CBD is sourced using only naturally grown hemp and extracted using non-toxic CO2. These facts have been confirmed by independent labs. And, finally, we use only the finest natural ingredients in our products.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our products. We hope you'll enjoy our products, share and recommend them to your friends.